The Perks Of Being Single?

Valentine's Day

There are worse things than being alone. But it often takes decades to realize this. Most often when you do, it’s too late. And there’s nothing worse than too late. 

– Charles Bukowski

The best way to enjoy being single is by…being single. Don’t go looking for love just yet. It will come along, and when it does, you’ll be ready for it.

Be single because why not?! Is being single so bad that people fear singlehood?

Being in a relationship in your teens makes you miss out on so many amazing things in life. These are the years when you should be finding yourself, learning about yourself, the world, your likes and dislikes.But the ones in a relationship are instead doing all of these things for their so called partners. Being in a relationship takes up so much of your time whereas being out of a relationship can help you devote so much time to yourself.

Isn’t being in a relationship a trend now? I believe a young person can either be happy or be in a relationship. Let’s find out the reasons for not staying in a relationship.


You can  devote so much time to yourself rather than your partner. At the tender age of 16-17, you should be looking out only and only for yourself. Explore the world and yourself. Find out who you really are,  then go ahead and make yourself who you really want to be. This is the time to bring out the best possible changes in yourself rather than changing your lifestyle according to your partner’s wishes. It is also a time when any of us are still discovering ourselves and our identity so its best to first get that right.


Being single gives one a sense of acknowledgment of their own company. While you’re not always dependent on your partner to go out and do  some activities with you is when you learn to do it all by yourself and realize that you are in fact the best company you could get.


The freedom, one has when they are young shouldn’t be given up for anything. Every teen must have the freedom to like and try new things, things that might interest you or things that you want to try because why not?! But when they don’t just because their partner doesn’t want them to, is the worst way to take away their freedom.


Usually youngsters are so love struck about their partners they tend to forget and ignore their family and friends the most. Partners come and go but your core friends are the only ones that stick around. When you are single and free, you have all the time to juggle between yourself and the important people in your life.


The perks of being single include not feeling obliged to do anything you don’t like or wish to. You don’t have to constantly check on your partner, keep messaging them all day or even go on outings when you’d rather hang out alone,with a few friends or just simply sleep in.


You can involve yourself in some healthy flirting with your friend or a crush without feeling guilty of doing so when you are single and all by yourself. There is no need to feel guilty about talking to people your partner doesn’t like you talking to.Instead you can do the exact opposite and talk to whoever you wish to and ignore the ones you want to.


Let’s face it when we are young, pocket money is one thing that matters the most. Being in a relationship means shelling out a lot of money on your partner, the unnecessary dates you go on or on the gifts you need to buy during the hundred anniversaries. But being single saves all of your money that you can use on yourself and don’t need to compromise on anything.

All in all, being single just lets you do things the way you want to. Eventually everyone has to settle in life with a life partner, so just wait for the right time and savor your teenage years because we live our youth only once.


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