Meeting New Friends


Want to make good friends in a new place? It’s Not that easy, but not impossible. Here are some tips.

Shifting in a new place for your study or job? Maybe it’s going to be difficult for you but ‘Friends” makes it better always. Sometimes it’s a little tough to make friends in a new place. Maybe because you’re an introvert or maybe you’re shy. But being friends with people will help you to like the new place and they’ll try to make you feel at home. So here I am with some ideas, how can you make friends easily in a new place.

  • If you have moved for your job then make good relation with your colleagues. Go for lunch with them. It’ll help you to connect with them.
  • If you’re in a newcity for your studies then you can easily make friends. Because you can interact with your classmates and go to some other friend’s place for house party or something and there you can make some more new friends.

In colleges and universities there are many extra-curricular or sports groups so join the one which interests you and make like-minded friend easily

  • You can post a status on your social media site. If there anyone who’s in that city you can go and catch up with them.Meet people online from tinder or meetup. It’ll help to grow your friend circle.
  • First of all you’ve to open up because if you’re an introvert or a shy person then it’ll be hard for you to make friends. Don’t be afraid to explore the city alone. And you may meet up with other new comers like you and make a connection.
  • Help your neighbours with something or offer help to the elderly. Talk with them and be friendly.
  • Join a yoga class or gym which is another great way to meet new people.Go for a jogging to the nearest park, you can find people who are doing the same things and it’ll be a good way to make new friends.
  • Don’t afraid to start the conversation, because once you start it’ll be easier for both of you.

These are few ways you can make friends easily in a new place. Friends are necessary whether you’re in your place or you’re in a new place. They always make your life beautiful, help you with the ups and downs of life. And now you’re brave enough to go in a new city and be popular among your new friend circle.


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