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The Pantone Colours of 2016 – Rose Quartz and Serenity Blue – have had a major impact on our runways. Lakme Fashion Week’s Gen Next Designer Agrima Batra tells us how to incorporate these shades in your college wardrobes

Is it a baby girl or a baby boy? For the very first time it’s both for proud parents Pantone, who happily announced their baby of the year, I mean colour of the year as Rose Quartz and Serenity. For being a sugar enthusiast and an aspiring designer, life doesn’t really get better than the colour doctor prescribing cotton candy for your palette and your palate. This established combination of colours is now becoming ubiquitous, signaling at greater universal issues such as peace and gender equality.
Being the youngest designer at LFW this season was a dream come true for the simple reason that I was able to share with the world what I truly love doing. An avid practitioner of positivity, I believe that clothes are not just tools of enhancement, but in fact an extension of one’s aura. Inspired by every breathing moment and the mechanism of life, my design ideas root from emotional, philosophical and cosmic energies. I find stimulus in decoding the unconcealed from the concealed. In the process not only enriching my design but also deepening the meaning of life, assisting me to augment my persona. My Spring/Summer 2016 collection, ‘To the Stars and Back’. Inspired by the oracle of the night – the stars, I bring to you a modern twist on highly sophisticated and chic day to eveningwear. A recent graduate of Parsons School of Design, New York, keeping up with Pantone is almost like checking the weather forecast before stepping out for us. So of course, it goes without saying that not only my collection this season but even my wardrobe contains two of my favourite, and the world’s favourite colours this year. Here are some easy and chic ways to include this cotton candy colour palette in your wardrobe – head to toe.

If only Indian’s could get a tropical tan, we’d all be soaking it in… Choose a rose quartz baseball hat or wrap a serenity scarf over your head in a retro way, and you are sure to protect yourself in the sun in a casual but yet trendy way.
2. No better way than to invest in a pair of rose quartz reflector aviators. Simple and subtle, just what you need for the season.
3. Stay away from the ruby woo’s and burgundies, the temperature calls for your lips to be kissed with shades of baby pink!
4. A blank canvas always works best with every colour. Put on your white avatar and accessorize with just a dash of serenity or rose quartz.
5. A lover of colours, take my advice on this – nothing looks better than tan worn with rose quartz or serenity.
6. Put these colours on your nails or wear them on your feet, you’re sure to look fresh and fine.
7. Since it’s prints galore this season, you could pair a vintage floral skirt with a crisp serenity shaded shirt.





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