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Jayanti Ghose is a career and education consultant. She holds an honours degree in economics and a degree in education. Her research in career counselling spans more than 25 years. She is actively involved in personal and group counselling and introduced counselling in print media. Send in your queries to mail@youthincmag.com


I am very interested in a career in video game development. What undergraduate degree would be suitable for it after plus two with PCM? – Deepesh

A computer science and engineering or equivalent degree or a graphics design or animation design degree would be relevant, depending upon which is best suited to your abilities and skill set. A sound engineer can also work in video game development. You could get into the field after an engineering degree (electronics/ electronics and communication, for example) or follow up a degree in Physics and Maths with training in sound design and recording. You should understand how video game development works, and aspects of it that truly appeal to you and assess whether you have what it takes. Before finalizing your career choices, broaden your awareness of all career opportunities.

What does the term Social Entrepreneur mean? Is a specific degree or background necessary to embark on social entrepreneurship? – Surya

Social enterprises are businesses which exist to address social or environmental needs. Rather than maximising profit for shareholders or owners, profits are reinvested into the community or back into the business. Social entrepreneurs are individuals with innovative solutions to society’s most pressing social problems. They are ambitious and persistent, tackling major social issues and offering new ideas for wide-scale change. They are both visionaries and ultimate realists, concerned with the practical implementation of their vision above all else. No particular academic background is necessary for it, but a background in public administration, social work or business administration would be useful.


I hold a degree in Art .I heard about a Master’s programme in Creative Industries offered by a university in the Netherlands offered in English? What are the admission requirements and what would be the career prospects? – Monali

Radboud University in Nijmegen, The Netherlands offers a Master’s specialisation in Creative Industries in its Master of Arts programme. It’s a full time one year programme and open to international students with a Bachelor’s degree in Creative Industries. Fluency in both written and spoken English is a must so you will need a TOEFL score of 575 and above or IELTS score of 6.5 or above. Recent graduates have been employed as trend watcher for companies, art education consultants for educational institutions/ organisations, quality television consultants, festival or film programme organizer, webmasters at a museum, to name a few.

Please suggest prominent universities in Europe offering masters in Renewable Energy. I have an engineering background, and would be interested in programmes offered in English. – Jayaprakash

EUREC has developed the European MSc in Renewable Energy. Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen (https://www.hanze.nl/eng/), member of the EUREC consortium, started this master programme. You need to register and apply at the EUREC (www.master.eurec.be/en and then register through Studielink (www.hanze.studielink.nl). MSc RENE-Renewable Energy by KIC InnoEnergy Master School (http://www.kic-innoenergy.com/education/master-school/) is another option to consider. US, and UK universities also offer relevant programmes. Examples are indicative.


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