New Year’s Eve Plans For People Who Don’t Care About New Year’s Eve

New Year Plan

December is almost out which means the new year is around the corner. If like many others, you are not so hyped for the big 31st party, here are some alternatives for you to consider.

Movie Marathon


Round up some friends and all the pizza you can get your hands on. Alone or with company, nothing beats the pure joy of the movies, complex carbohydrates and pyjamas.

Find a rooftop

Watching fireworks at midnight can never get old. Whether it is a rooftop restaurant or the balcony of a friend’s apartment, find the highest place you can, and take in the crackling views. Sure it’s a few minutes of wonder, but it’s not a shabby way to watch the calendar turn.

Get away for a bit

This time of the year, even a city like Mumbai has taken a break from the sweltering heat. Take advantage of this by getting on a long drive to a nearby resort, or a staycation at your favourite city hotel might just be the way to end the year.


A facemask is an instant mood lifter. Why be down when you could literally be glowing? Treat yo-self to a ‘spa night in’, with all the products you need to get that 2019 glow ready for a show.

Sleep it out

If all else fails, there is always a good nights rest to be savoured. At least that way you can walk into the new year without bags under your eyes and a fresh mind.

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