SP Jain Global Sets Up New Campus In London: Founder, Mr. Nitish Jain Shares Insights

SP Jain

Studying in the UK, for many Indians, is a dream come true. For decades, the UK has been the top country in the world known for excellent educational opportunities. It is home to some of the world’s top ranked universities like the Oxford University, London School of Economics, University of Cambridge, Imperial College London, and many more. A new addition to this is the SP Jain Global which is also one of the top ranked institutes globally

SP Jain recently announced its new campus launch in London, UK. It is going to be located in the heart of London’s financial, business and tech district – Canary Wharf. SP Jain also has campuses abroad in Dubai, Mumbai, Singapore, and Sydney. 

The main reasons to set up a new campus in London are two fold. London is one of the leading cities of the world and clearly, students want to study here. Another major reason, Mr. Nitish Jain, Founder & President, SP Jain Global Group, said, “in the year ending June 2022, over 118,000 visas were issued to Indian students – up 89% from the previous year, which has increased the scope for students to pursue higher education in the UK.” 

So, we had to give them that opportunity with a brand they trust, S P Jain. Unlike most universities in the UK, we have a razor-sharp focus on value-added jobs through our unique curriculum, and the extra mile we go to prepare our students,” he further explained. 

Although SP Jain Global has campuses spread across major cities in the world, what gives the UK campus an edge over the others is it location. UK is one of the top business, technology and financial capitals of the world. Students will be exposed to high levels of of growth and networking opportunities. The campus itself is located in the heart of London’s business district surrounded by top banks, consulting firms, and retail headquarters. 

SP Jain

Courses offered at the London campus will be accredited by the Office for Students (Department for Education, UK). This will greatly enhance the quality and recognition of their degree programmes. 

Mr. Nitish Jain spoke about offering a range of undergraduate and postgraduate business programmes by mid-2023 which will include a newly revamped Global MBA, online Executive MBA for working professionals, bachelor’s programmes in business administration and data science, and a master’s program in global business. “All our programmes have a technology and business focus and will be taught by world-class international faculty. We will also be launching a brand-new online master’s in financial technologies, which I think will be very appealing to students,” he added. 

On being asked why studying at SP Jain London Campus is ideal for Indian students, Mr. Nitish said, “SP Jain is a student-centric boutique school with personalised attention at the heart. London is the world’s second-largest financial centre, home to over 190 global companies and ranked one of the best cities in the world for university students. Students would have the opportunity to receive lectures from top business leaders in London and attend events to further their network. Post the coursework, they can intern in the city and convert those into full-time jobs. We have over 80 alumni in London, so students would have the opportunity to be mentored by them.” 

Speaking about the job/internship opportunities provided by the institute, Mr. Jain added, “Our campus will offer students opportunities to meet potential employers, network with the industry, gain genuine business insights and develop an understanding of workplace culture. 

 With an internship embedded in the program design, this would be the launchpad for a career in the UK. Of course, students have the choice of doing the internship in India and UAE too.”

On a parting note, Mr. Nitish Jain had a word of advice to offer to all the Indian students aspiring to pursue higher studies abroad. “If you want to be successful, you must have a single-minded focus. Once you have decided your career path, charge forward with passion and be ready to work hard.  You may stumble, and you may fail, but that failure may lead you to something even better. I truly believe, this is the only way to become who you are destined to become.” 


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