Top 5 Best Places To Travel Alone In The World


If you’re looking to travel the world but find yourself lacking in the confidence department, don’t worry; you’re not alone. It can be difficult to muster up the bravery needed to travel alone as an adult, particularly if you’re going abroad and don’t speak the language or know anyone else who lives there, but it’s an experience that will make you stronger and more self-reliant—not to mention it will make your trips much cheaper. If you want to start travelling solo, check out these destinations that make it easy and safe to do so.

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is a beautiful city that offers incredible architecture, delicious food and drink, fun festivals, and much more. It’s also a very safe city for solo travellers. Barcelona was one of my favourite places to visit on my recent trip around Europe. The city is well-connected with public transportation and there are always plenty of people around even at night. I felt quite safe walking through Barcelona by myself late at night or early in the morning.

Stockholm, Sweden

If you are not going on a road trip from Stockholm, Sweden, then you are missing out. There is an eclectic mix of neighbourhoods that all have their own unique character and rich culture. When looking for the best places to travel alone in Sweden, Stockholm has so much to offer. You can walk down a cobblestone street or drink your espresso while sitting at a sidewalk cafe ́ overlooking the town square.

Copenhagen, Denmark

It’s not always easy to travel alone, but there are many places that make it easier. Copenhagen is a great place for solo travellers because of its excellent public transportation system and its scenic waterfront district with plenty of restaurants and cafes, museums, and parks. It’s also easy to explore on foot or by bike and the city is relatively small so you can get anywhere quickly. The cosy cafes lining both sides of the harbour provide an attractive backdrop for people watching, dog watching (you’ll see many), and just relaxing.

Dublin, Ireland

Dublin is a place that is near and dear to my heart. I used to live there when I was younger, and it’s a city where you can get lost. You’ll have no problem finding somewhere nice to eat by yourself, either. In fact, Dublin has some of the best food in all of Europe. It’s also an extremely safe city as well, so you don’t need to worry about being mugged or anything like that.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh is a beautiful city with plenty of attractions to see. It’s perfect for solo travellers who want to be inspired by architecture, art, and history. There are also some great bars and pubs that make it easy to meet locals, who are often more than happy to recommend things for you to do around town.


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