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Each year, the people of Mumbai come together as people with a single heartbeat and with one goal in mind: the finish line. The Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon 2012 is now in its ninth chapter and is India’s largest marathon race with over 30,000 runners. It was even awarded the coveted international ‘Gold Class’ status last year. It brings people together from all walks of life to create a fresh, young community spirit and a magical atmosphere in the city. The city throws open its doors and puts out the welcome mat for international athletes, Bollywood stars and industry heads. You can almost touch the energy and excitement on race day as people from all walks of life – sportsmen, CEOs, celebrities and other well wishers – match their pace. It truly is a city event – thousands of people volunteer to help support the participants as they claim the streets of the city.
The Mumbai marathon has had a huge impact on people’s lives since it started. It has made people aware of the health benefits of running and encouraged them to live fitter lives. It has captured people’s imagination, fuelled determination and inspiration and challenged us to go further. The race brings international recognition to the city as athletes from over 22 nations compete together on race day.
The fast-paced competitive run, the elderly run, the wheelchair run, the open 10K run for amateurs and the majja run allow for almost anyone to take part in this event – no one is left behind. It’s not just about competing or running – the race is also organised to raise money for a good cause. From environmental groups to animal rights, women’s support charities to children’s rights, the race allows people to voice the causes dearest to them and make a difference. The race is not only great fun but also a fantastic platform for charities. The 2011 marathon brought in Rs.12 crore and the 2012 event is expected to raise about Rs.15 crores for charity.
Since its inception in 2004, the Mumbai marathon has showcased the best in people, from the health of the elderly to the strength of the differently-abled. It has become a force for positive transformation in people’s lives as they have become more aware of their health and fitness, their community and charity engagement. So don’t get left behind – get ready, get set and go!

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