Miss Traveling During Pandemic? ‘Flights To Nowhere’ Is At Your Disposal

flights to nowhere
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It is no longer news that 2020 has been a terrible year for all with the coming of the pandemic which forced the world to go on months-long lockdown. It compelled people to sit in their houses and strictly work from home. This months of shutdown impacted every sector, but the worst hit of all were, travel, tourism and hospitality industries. Restriction of travel was the worst nightmare for the travel enthusiasts that came to life. 

Travel is an escape for many from their mundane life, and passion for many others. The pandemic led to immense distress among travellers. Although the dark cloud of the pandemic still floats over our heads, few aspects of life are seen returning to normalcy. Taking advantage of this, the airline industry, recently came up with an innovative concept to lift up the mood of travel enthusiasts a little. Since global travel is a no-go, the airlines launched the concept named ‘ Flights to Nowhere ’. 

The idea is to take off the flight from an airport, take a round trip of the city, where the meals drinks are served and the flight lands at the same airport. All the security procedures are followed just as a normal flight does. It also involves temperature screening. The only difference is that it comes back to the same area from where it flew

How did this concept of Flights to Nowhere originate 

In the midst of August, the airlines became innovative and introduced the concept of flight to nowhere to satisfy the die-hard fliers. Taiwan’s Eva Air was the first with the creative step. The concept was followed in their hello kitty themed aircraft that flew passengers on a day time journey. Since then airlines across the continent- in Japan, Hong Kong Australia and Brunei have started offering the nowhere flights.

flights to nowhere
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Furthermore, in September the Australian airline, Qantas Airways initiated the concept and got booked within the period of 10 minutes after going live. The plane takes off from and lands in Sydney, flying over Uluru, the Great Barrier Reef, and other landmarks. The tickets were sold from $575 – $2765 as per the class of seat. 

However, the Flights to Nowhere did not go down well for the environmental activists

The ongoing trend insisted that Singapore Airlines plan for “an idea for one-off short tour flight”. In which the Airlines had planned three-hour scenic flights that would both take off from and land at Singapore’s Changi Airport. However, though it was a great escape for passengers in these tough times, the environmentalist saw it as a wasteful use of natural resources. So, SIA (Singapore Airlines) has now published a statement saying the plans will not come to fruition.

”We currently have no plans to revive the idea.”

Nevertheless, they are now going to launch a dine out in their aircraft A380 superjumbo jet which now has been turned into a functional restaurant. First of all, people who miss airline food, mainly the first class and business class meals can now order food at the comfort of their home from 10 distinct menus which serve with wine or champagne in association with limited-edition dining ware. All the above ideas are executed by the SIA HOME.

Secondly, the frequent traveller will have the opportunity to witness the behind-the-scenes tour of SIA’s training facility as well, starting in November.

Cruise to Nowhere in Singapore 

cruise to nowhere
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Singapore is now looking at ways to boost their tourism sector to which they have started with a small initiative of the cruise to nowhere journeys starting from November and December. Two cruise lines- Genting Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean International respectively. This cruise experience is going to be a bit different from the typical seagoing trips. This ship will depart and return from the same port, no port calls in between and only Singapore Residents can only avail services. Cruise to nowhere will have a 2-night trip, ranging from S$334- $359. Air India too planned Flights to Where for the Indian Passengers. 

What sounded silly at first to many people came to fruition and won the hearts of travel enthusiasts across the world. So until the surge in the number of COVID cases falls down and travel resumes and returns to normalcy, Flights to Nowhere might just help in keeping the travellers sane!


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