Career Options For Travel Enthusiasts

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Being stuck behind a desk and dreaming of the adventures from 9-5 can be quite tedious. When you only have two weeks off in the entire year but are forever lost in the dream world conjuring up the adventures that you are going to get into can be distressing. Instead, why not get a job that has travel as one of your designated duties and enables you to travel the world at your whim.

1) Tour guide:

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You could be a tour guide at a monument. You could also run your own tour of a city. Your job would be to explore the city, to curate tours for your customers and help your customers explore the city as well and get paid for it. You won’t require any qualifications for this as well, but you will need to be engaged with your customers and have a good knowledge of the city’s culture and history.

2) Travel Blogger:

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If you love writing, you might as well get paid for it.  Becoming a travel blogger in the age of the Internet is easier than ever. You could swing in a hammock in a coconut grove with a cool breeze and type about the amazing experience that you’re having right there. Learning the skills required for this job is fun as well, reading other travel blogs and travelling is part of your job training.

3) Photographer:

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Travel photography isn’t the easiest way to earn money. It takes a lot of struggle. However, as a career, a photojournalist in travel, you get to see different parts of the world. Becoming a photojournalist requires years of experience and some professional photography lessons will help. Learning to live in different conditions and the will to compromise and cherish every opportunity can also be counted as the pre-requisites.

4) English Teacher:

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Around the world, there are vacancies for English teacher. You might have never thought while reading “The Tale of Two Cities” that reading the book might take you to new places but schools around the world need people who can teach English as a second language. You get paid to teach kids and immerse yourself in a new culture. As an English teacher, you will require to have patience and a keen understanding. Apart from that, you need to be qualified in bachelor’s and Master’s in English and a Bachelor’s in Education could also come in handy. Different countries also have different eligibility exams for teachers.

5) Travel Agent:

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If you travel often, you eventually figure out the secret to cheap bookings. If you enjoy digging up deals and if you have travelled extensively, you begin to understand people’s preferences. To become a travel agent, you mostly don’t require any qualifications, you can work from home or anywhere that you prefer. You might also get invited to stay at different places and new experiences as an added bonus.

So if you are a travel enthusiasts, might as well make money out of it.


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