College Takes An Initiative For Physically Challenged Students


Technology has been taken to another level.

Delhi University’s Miranda House has come up with a disabled friendly idea for blind students to figure their way about and around the college.

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How does this program work?

The students have to basically download a customized app on their phones. Both the students and teachers help these students to download the app. 6-inch 100 QR codes have been put all around the college for places like canteen, classes, etc. When a student holding her phone in her hand reaches three feet close to these codes, a verbal message comes out that gives information regarding the place/location.

The Principal Pratibha Jolly explained how the QR code functions, “If a student wishes to enter the canteen, they have to come close to the digital signage installed outside. The code will inform them that in three steps, there is a gate that directs the students on how many steps are required to enter the location.”

Not just that, the university has taken many steps to make the campus disabled friendly. There is a special bus for physically challenged students, screen readers in the computers at the registration desk etc.

The program is undertaken by the college’s `enabling society’ Lakshita that guide visually-challenged students around the campus, etc and the university’s equal opportunity cell.

Dr Reema Bhatia, convener of Lakshita, “We put an emphasis on the use of technology as everyone has a Smartphone today. And that enables students to be independent and mobile.”

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This is an amazing initiative according to me as it also proves a point that all students are equal and should study together under the same roof. Day to day life is made easier for these students which is a privilege nowadays. I really wish this program is followed by other colleges and universities as well.

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