Malhar – The Giver of Rain


In 1979, three students started a college festival that would showcase their talents. Errol D’souza, probably tired of hearing his friends from other colleges brag about how cool their colleges were, thought of Malhar, St Xavier’s own festival. Life at Xavier’s College was never the same again. The first Malhar had a workforce of only 30 students. There were 21 participating colleges, and the budget was Rs. 10,000. The organisers chose August because it didn’t clash with any other festivals. Contests varied from rangoli making to cartoon drawing. Malhar also held water games in the canteen, becoming the first college to do so! Today, it holds more than 60 cultural contests and attracts about 20,000 participants.
Cut to Malhar 2011. Puddles the frog, has geared up for this year’s theme –The Labyrinth. “A labyrinth means a maze. So this year’s theme is going to be magic and the maze,”says Tanvi Saxena, Organiser in Charge of the PR department.

Departments and Events
There are 20 departments, taking care of a particular aspect. The Quartet, consisting of the chairperson and three vice-chairpersons are in charge of the whole event. Contests like JAM (Just A Minute), creative writing, and sundry word games are organised by the Literary Arts department. The Entertainment Theatricals and Contests organises fun contests like stand-up comedy. The Indian Performing Arts department is in charge of performance-based competitions that reflect Indian culture. The World Performing Arts organises competitions like ballroom dancing and street dancing. But if you thought Malhar was only fun, you are simply wrong. Conclave, the youngest addition, holds intellectually stimulating discussions about current youth issues that matter.

What makes Malhar ‘the’ fest
Malhar wasn’t the first college cultural fest. It is no longer the only fest in the month of August. But, it is the most eagerly awaited college fest, not only in Mumbai but all throughout the country. So what makes it a college fest unlike any other?

The Workforce
The people working behind the scenes are a dedicated lot. “The Organising Committee,” says Saxena, “starts work in May. Then it is gruelling work for four months straight. We stay back after lectures until nine on the days drawing close to Malhar.” Even on the days of the fest, students have a good grip on things with 20,000 people including popular film stars as guests. There is no real ruckus; only a little over-crowding, and unlucky students bumping against each other instead of the celebrities.

Popular events

Mr and Ms Malhar: This is the core entertainment event and it draws eager student participants in its search for the ultimate all-rounder.

Amateur Night is a latenight event exclusive to the Malhar workforce. It provides a platform for all amateur bands to pump up a beat.

UV light event:
Visually appealing and truly awe-inspiring, this event is an eagerly awaited one. Participants put up a dance wearing neon lights and use their creativity and make shapes such as a flower, a box, or the popular game character Mario.

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