Make Your Smartphone Smarter


Finding the best apps available today to make the best of your smartphone is quite a hassle, so Shruti Nagbhushan makes it easier by giving you the three best, free apps in their respective categories


HISTORY ERASER: This Android app cleans history of apps with one tap. It helps protect privacy, helps free up internal storage, and clear browser history, call logs, text messages, market search history and Google search history. Android

EVERNOTE:Evernote lets you take notes, capture photos, create to-do lists, record voice reminders, and makes these notes searchable and accessible from all your devices. Android and iOS

TRUE CALLER: Truecaller is a global phone directory with caller id and call blocker functions. It blocks calls from unwanted callers and looks up unkown mobile and landline numbers to find out who called your phone. Android and iOS


DASHLANE: Security app which acts as a digital wallet backup and password manager. It automatically saves information from when you make purchases online. The data remains encrypeted until you unlock the app. Android and iOS

VAULT HIDE: This app hides SMSes, pictures, call logs and videos in a password protected folder created within it. Android

SEEKDROID: A very useful app if you are prone to losing your phone or are often the victim of thefts. It lets you track your phone and see it on a map. Android and iOS



COWS VS ALIENS: Aliens are invading your farm and kidnapping cows! Swipe and shepherd your cows into a barn and chase the aliens aways. Android and iOS

ROBOSOCKETS: Classic aracde game Tetris-meets robots-meets exquisite graphics. You need to create chains of a variety of robots that have only a set number of links. Chains of five or more robots explode and give you energy. Android and iOS

CANDY CRUSH SAGA: Indulge your sweet tooth with this addictive puzzle game that is set in a world full of candy. There are 100+ levels of varying difficulty. Android and iOS


STITCHER RADIO: An app which lets you customise your radio experience, Stitcher blends radio shows across categories to let you create your very own radio station. Android and iOS

BOOKMYSHOW: Look up all entertainment events happening in your city and book tickets for them. Handy for checking show timing and ticker availability at your nearest theatre. Android and iOS

PATH: A social app that lets you message, add to stickers and share photos, videos, books and music with select family and friends in your circle. You can also import and export content from popular network like Facebook, Twitter and FourSquare. Android and iOS


ACTION FX MOVIES & SOUNDS: Make your own action movies with special visula and sound effects. Simply record a video clip and use the app to add a special effect (explosions, car crashes, etc). Android and iOS

MAGISTO: Just shoot and upload you videos and Magisto will automatically turn them into beautifully edited movies. Android and iOS

PICSAY: An award-winning photo editor with colour correction. It enables you to add word balloons, titles, graphics and effects like distortion in a fun, intuitive and easy-to-use interface. Android and iOS



MOSQUITO REPELLENT: This app sends out  a unique high frequency  sounds which repels mosquitoes but doesn’t kill them. It uses low battery and requires high resolution graphics. Android

HUMAN-TO-CAT TRANSLATOR: This app is for all those who have problem communicating with their cats. It translates your words into cat language and plays a series of mews to get your cat’s attention. Android and iOS

MAGIC 8 BALL: Ask the all-powerful and all-knowing magic 8 ball all your queries and fears. The app responds to yes-or-no questions. Simply speak into your device and shake it to elicit the ball’s answer. Android and iOS



GOODREADS: Read book reviews by your friends and other Goodreads memebers, chronicle the books you’ve read and build your to-read list as the app recommends and

MERRIAM WEBSTER DICTIONARY: Gives you accurate word meanings, synonyms and pronunciations without using the Internet. Android and iOS

WATTPAD: Get over 10 million free books in sci-fi, romance, mystery, fantasy, thrillers and more. Connect with writers and get book and story updates directly from them. You can also write stories and publish them via the app. Andriod and iOS



MY FITNESSPAL: Calorie counter with a barcode reader to scan what you consume and monitor your calories based on your BMI. Android and iOS

DAILY YOGA (ALL-IN-ONE): Dedicated yoga coaching app that provides sessions with different diffculty levels and voice instructions. Android

NIKE TRAINING CLUB: Choose your fitness goals and the app will design a workout plan for you. It also doubles up as a personal trainer by keeping track of your workouts. Android and iOS


M-INDICATOR: One-tap information on local trains, buses and taxi timetables, routes and fares for Mumbai. Other cities need similar apps. Android and iOS

FOURSQUARE: Updates your location using GPS and suggests places near you like restaurants, cinema halls and anything else you’d look for. Android and iOS

GOOGLE MAPS WITH NAVIGATION: Google’s detailed maps with 3D buildings; voice guided navigation for even turn, for driving, walking or public transit directions; and live traffic information. Android and iOS


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