Celeb Secrets – Hiten Tejwani


Hiten Tejwani is a star in the realm of Indian television. He has been in several shows in a career spanning over a decade, including the K-serial revolution

What is your skin care regime?
I make sure I wash my face with a good face wash throughout the day. It’s very important to keep your face clean.

Do you have any hair styling tips?
Using gel for your hair won’t be good and is especially harmful for the roots. I use wax for my hair, which is better in a way. Wash your hair thrice a week.


What fitness mantra do you follow?
I workout and jog five days a week. If I get time I do basic exercise for abs and hips. I don’t do weights. It depends on roles and characters I play, if I have to show a good muscular body I will make sure I workout hard.

What is your favourite fragrance?
Isimiaki is my favourite perfume.

What do you consider to be a grooming faux pas?
Be it guys or girls, they should be hygienic about everything and should take care of the smallest detail. They shouldn’t be messy and should shave or not shave according to what suits them.

What are your fashion tips for men and women?
I would say it shouldn’t be of much hassle; whatever you can carry off and feel comfortable in should be your style statement. Copying someone is a very bad idea.


Volume 2 Issue 11



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