After UltraViolet, Living Coral is set to take over the Fashion Industry in 2019

living coral color of the year
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What few individuals discussed as an afterthought nineteen years ago has now become a yearly goal of a 20-member team – the Pantone Colour Institute.

This institute based in Australia has been deciding on the ‘Colour of the year’ every December since 2000. It is interesting to know that this “global authority in colour” uses the yearlong global happenings and daily life situations to decide on the colour of the succeeding year. 2016, a year that witnessed everything from terrorism to natural disasters encouraged the institute to choose ‘Greenery’ as the colour of the year 2017 considering the colour promoted – hopefulness and connection to nature. Similarly, Radiant Orchid, a bright purple colour encouraged the world to be more confident in 2014 and Marsala, a blend of red and brown managed to promote the sophistication and natural earthiness in 2015.

2018 was painted Ultra Violet after realizing the importance of inspiration and invention in the preceding year. For 2019, Pantone announced ‘Living Coral’ as the colour of the year.

colour of the year living coral
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The colours decided by Pantone have been used by brands and consumers all around the world to design their new products and make new purchase decisions respectively. Living Coral, a colour of carefree happiness, optimism and joyful pursuits as cited by Pantone aims to throw light on the presence and benefits of the coral in the sea world. The way corals work as shelter to sea life, shall be the way the colour of 2019 will provide room for new possibilities in the global culture.

colour of the year living coral
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It wasn’t late when celebrities like Gigi Hadid stepped out in New York wearing a head-to-toe Living Coral 90s-inspired look in December followed by Bella Hadid and Venessa Hudgens making appearances in their Living Coral outfits at spring-summer runaways.

Butter London, a makeup brand introduced Living Coral makeup collection in December and paved the way for Brands like Brownstrout and Kravet to introduce their colorful date planners and living coral interior designers in collaboration with Pantone respectively.

Living coral is ready to become a new colour suggestion for wedding décor and wedding invites. The colour rightly compliments the morning lights and outdoor destinations. Indian weddings are famous for choosing the colour red as the colour of D-Day but this year, a shade of orange and pink is on the list for many to-be brides and to-be grooms. Arpita Mehta, a designer, in her interview with Times’- The Call for Coral suggested Living Coral lehenga with exquisite gold jewellery for contemporary brides and a lighter shade of coral sherwani or blazer for grooms.

colour of the year living coral
Image Credits: Nylon Singapore

Samit Takpire, an Indian designer suggested the Indian audience to pick coral colour bag or footwear. “A bum bag, sling or tote bag in coral is fashionable and light. But don’t mix too many colours. Also, avoid heavy embroidery when using coral,” he suggests in his interview with Times’ The Call for Coral.

All in all, the nation as well as the world, is all set to welcome the warm orangey shade with golden undertones as the colour of the year. The colour has been found to embody new values in entertainment, sport, fashion, art, travel and cultural influences, as well as socioeconomic conditions, emerging tech, and social media platforms.


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