Let Art Forms Teach You The Art Of Expressing

art forms
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Humans are a storehouse of emotions that need some outlet to express them. The innumerable art forms that exist in the world act as these outlets through which humans express their feelings and emotions. Remember how Lord Shiva used to express himself by dancing, similarly, we too must take the help of one or few art forms and learn to express ourselves. 

There are very few who express themselves without maintaining any filter. These are people who have fewer problems like feeling lonely or anxious, as compared to those who shy away from expressing. Men especially shy away from putting forth their feelings and emotions as they are made to believe that expressing is a sign of weakness, since their childhood. It is actually the exact opposite. 

If in case you are wondering why it is important to express…..

  • It helps you to accept your raw and genuine feelings and emotions about a particular person and thing 
  • Expressing is a way of communicating. When you express you strengthen your bond and relationship with people especially loved ones. 
  • Expressing and admitting your thoughts to yourself helps you in understanding yourself better.

In spite of this, many choose to hide their true self/feelings, many don’t know how to, and others just find it difficult. If talking to loved ones doesn’t do much help in expressing, people can take the assistance of other activities, more specifically art forms to express better.  

Art forms have proved to an effective medium of self-expression. While you can choose art forms of your choice to help you to express yourself, given below are the most popular forms of art known to aid in expression. 


art forms
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Although this one is a cliche (all thanks to movies like Dil Chahta Hai, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, or  Taare Zameen Par where even a child, like Ishaan, takes to painting to let his unknown side come out on paper), painting is an art form that truly does reflect your state of mind. It helps you bring your mood/state of mind, be it good or bad, on paper. 


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A contemporary form of art is helping the young raise their voice on social issues that plague our society. Not just social issues, the young are also taking to graffiti art to bring out the quirkiness hidden within themselves. Our small streets are a witness to this.  


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Every song or piece of music has a certain mood to it. It is because the one who composes or lends his/her voice to a song sings it with a certain emotion, thus helping the in singer to express better. If you love singing, even bathroom singing can be of great help. 


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Out of the many art forms, dance is the most loved one. Even Lord Shiva danced to express himself. Indian dance forms like Kathak, Bharatnatyam, Kuchipudi and other western forms like ballet, tap dance, salsa, etc all teach to express better. 


art forms
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If you have noticed, all writers, novelists, and poets come from an unidentified space of the mind that helps them pen their thoughts on paper. They are ones who prefer communicating through written words than talking. Journaling is a good exercise to realize your emotions and giving them a path to come out of you. 


art forms
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This is yet another popular art form that is chosen by many as a medium to express their hearts. One only becomes a good photographer, if she/he, along with the required technical knowledge of operating a camera, has the ability to feel his emotions completely and add perspective to a normal looking visual. 

If you are someone who finds expressing yourself a hard to achieve art, you must enroll yourself in any of the above-mentioned art forms or any art form that you find interesting. 


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