Food Bloggers That Will Get Your Taste Buds Jumping

Food Bloggers
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Whether you make your life decisions right or wrong isn’t as important as making the right food decision. Food decisions must never go wrong. Do you agree? To avoid making the wrong food decision, we take help of the food bloggers present on the internet. There is no news that the internet has opened new avenues for food bloggers to connect with their audiences. Dedicated food bloggers do the rest of the world, a huge favor as they come up with divine recipes for food lovers like us, to enjoy, after hours of brainstorming. 

Follow these top food bloggers to treat the foodie in you today. 

 1. Minimalist Baker

Minimalist Baker is a popular food blog that you must follow if you are looking for simple yet delicious dishes. With a follower base of over 1.8 million people, the blog presents recipes and photos of mouth-watering dishes which are made up of only 10 or less than 10 ingredients in 30 or fewer minutes which are super easy to prepare. Most of these dishes are vegan and are cooked by using gluten-free and plant-based ingredients; hence the blog’s bio mentions, ‘all eaters welcome’. The blog can be followed on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. They even have a website that offers food blogging and photography courses.

2. Gimme Some Oven

Ali Ebright started this blog in her very own kitchen back in 2009. The blog which can be followed on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, discusses easy to cook, delicious and nutritious dishes which can be enjoyed by all. What makes this blog so special is that every dish on the blog caters to specific dietary needs. This explains why this blog rose to fame, becoming one of the world’s top food blog sites. Ebright is also a talented photographer and the vibrant photos which she posts of fruit salad, tacos, pastas, cookies, cocktails are guaranteed to make the foodie in you to try some of her recipes at home. 

3. Passionate About Baking

Some food blogs make us want to quit our diet plans and make us fall for desserts all over again. If you have a sweet tooth, Deeba Rajpal’s blog, Passionate about Baking must be followed by you right now. An avid writer and recipe developer, Rajpal is an ardent baker who loves to cook new delicacies while emphasizing the use of only seasonal ingredients. Baking for her is spiritual and allows her to bring out her creative best. The recipes posted on her blog, are so innovative and tempting, you just cannot get your mind off it. One might even try to stick out a hand through their phones to grab a bite of these marvelous and flavorsome dishes. Follow this blog on YouTube and Instagram and have a wonderful time learning about food and other interesting stuff about life by Deeba Rajpal. 

4. Deliciously Ella

Deliciously Ella is a blog which was started by Ella Mills. The blog is based on Instagram and contains over 4500 posts, each of which is filled with vibrant and flashy photos of food which is prepared with attention to detail and a lot of love. It is one of the most eye-catching plant-based food to be captured. The blog also has a website that is full of both sweet and savory recipes to give your taste buds a visual treat. If you want recipes, check out her cookbooks. Deliciously Ella has her own line of snacks containing granola, energy balls, and oat bars which foodies are bound to enjoy. 

5. Vegan Richa

Richa Hingle is an expert food blogger who inspires her followers to switch to healthy eating habits on her blog. She shares gourmet recipes that are completely vegan and are made using organic ingredients only. Hingle loves experimenting with her food and her blogs will make you try her vegetarian and healthy food, with a twist. Her cookbooks are quite popular and she also has a website which enlists all her amazing recipes. The photos of food she posts on her blogs are so vivid and ambrosial that one desires to absorb the nutrients of these very palatable dishes right through their smartphone screens. If you are a foodie and want to switch to a vegan lifestyle, you must follow Vegan Richa on Instagram and take a ride with her on her unstoppable journey. 

Food is no longer just the stuff you eat to survive, it is art now. Food stylists, chefs, food bloggers, food photographers are all artists who are skilled in making our hearts melt by preparing heavenly dishes. Hope you all the foodies out there enjoy and learn from these blogs as much as I did.


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