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The New BFF
Bickering Fanciful Fighters! 

A long, long time ago there were two Hollywood princesses, Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan, who pretty much co-invented the word ‘BFF’ — best friend forever. But not anymore! Recently Paris Hilton, in all her kindness, gave a homeless woman her earrings while filming her new reality TV show. Ironically, the poor woman thought the earrings were from Lohan. A fuming Hilton said, “If I were Lindsay, I would be stealing earrings and not giving them away.” We will have to just wait and watch to see how long Lindsay will maintain her stony silence.

The handsome hunk has a Heart of Gold

The new SRK-sponsored boy suddenly developed a heart of gold. Arjun Rampal is shooting for a public awareness campaign in human trafficking. Human trafficking is a very serious issue and with the golden boy supporting this cause, we are sure that some hype will be created. Apparently, Arjun was shocked when Kunal Vohra (the maker of the commercial) narrated the statistics to him and instantly leaped out to help. Kudos Arjun, you are actually creating your own news!

Although Bebo and Piggy Chops were never BFFs per se, they were definitely more amicable than right now. After taking jabs at each other on the KJo show, the two cats still want to claw each other’s eyes out. Last month, Kareena Kapoor led the hard life by driving down from Mumbai to Pune to shoot for an award ceremony. Bebo, looking stunning as usual, arrived on stage after finishing her makeup only to find Piggy Chops hogging all the attention. Poor Bebo had to wait for hours before she could be in the spotlight.
With an air of elegance, Bebo walked out of the shoot without creating a scene. The next day, she cancelled the shoot and went straight back home. Poor Piggy Chops was not even aware of a hopping mad Bebo waiting outside. We wonder how they would have yelled at each other in their accented voices. Of course the next day, the organisers had to bear the brunt of Bebo’s anger and frustration. Poor things!

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