Star Struck – July, 2011


Ajai Rai Madan – Astrologer, Numerologer & Aura reader

Cancer / Jun 22 to July 22
You will feel the pressing need to take initiative which in turn will help you to stay comfortably ahead of competition. Creative solutions will no doubt work best for you in challenging assignments. Socialising will keep you busy and with responsibilities that come with power.
Lucky numbers: 3, 8
Lucky colour: Wine red
Love Dates: 14th,18th

Leo/ Jul 23 to Aug 23
Pressures will cease and your relationships will show a marked improvement. A note of caution — do not be in a hurry to implement the best of your innovative ideas till you have spent sufficient time going over the details. Your diplomatic skills will come to the fore, swinging things your way.
Lucky numbers: 5, 7
Lucky colour: Brown
Love Dates: 6th, 19th

Virgo/ Aug 24 to Sep 22
Reaching out in a different way will focus on communicating and will turn out to be quite enjoyable. Keep all your options open and don’t make commitments in haste. A happy phase of joyous camaraderie and warm companionship will come your way with lots of socialising and happiness.
Lucky numbers: 1, 6
Lucky colour: Lemon yellow
Love Dates: 2nd, 16th

Libra/ Sep 23 to Oct 23
You will get illumined both materially and spiritually. Stressful situations will be overcome if you choose to be assertive and diplomacy will help you. Your public actions will be filled with grace. Make an effort to try innovative techniques. Hectic as it may seem, times are fun filled.
Lucky numbers: 4, 9
Lucky colour: Magenta
Love Dates: 16th, 22nd

Scorpio Oct 24 to Nov 22
Society, family and love will dominate, but some unexpected disruptions are likely to make it difficult to focus. Fortunately, you will have the support of your loved ones. Good opportunities are likely to come your way and a long thought of shift and some positivity could prove beneficial later. Novel ideas will get supported by those you trust.
Lucky numbers:    1, 3
Lucky colour: Maroon
Love Dates: 9th 15th

Sagittarius/ Nov 23  to dec 23
It is worthwhile to wait for the right moment to disclose your plans and display eagerness. It is not the time to be rigid or uncooperative. For those looking for a change there could be new career related opportunities if you take risks to venture into the unknown.
Lucky Numbers: 6, 9
Lucky colour: Green
Love Dates: 7th, 14th

Capricon/ Dec 24  to Jan 20
Bonding and fun now, for sure. Friends and business partners will be in the forefront and good results are indicated. Health is at a premium, but be guarded against complacency in money matters. What is important is that you need to believe in yourself and remain determined.
Lucky Numbers: 2, 5
Lucky colour: Smoke grey
Love Dates: 6th, 20th

Aquarius/ Jan  21 to Feb 20
A pleasurable environment is indicated and you will get opportunities to work in meaningful ways. Work and more work is what is going to be on your mind but it will bring more clout and recognition. Temporary obstacles may cause you to feel frustrated and let down for the time being.
Lucky Numbers: 3, 7
Lucky colour: Orange
Love Dates: 6th, 22nd

Pieces/ Feb 19 – Mar 20
You will have much to be concerned about as there is danger of your pride degenerating into avoidable ego conflicts. Go slow, allow your energy to take its natural course and go all out to accomplish all your goals and objectives. Some changes that were being contemplated by you will happen most unexpectedly, bringing excitement.
Lucky Numbers: 2, 9
Lucky colour: Blue
Love Dates: 14th, 30th

Aries/ Mar  21 to Apr  20
You are likely to be in for some kind of sudden gain with focus, direction and commitments being your key-words for the month. Your analytical skills will come in for an encouraging round of appreciation and you will be able to find newer ways to look at current opportunities.
Lucky numbers: 3, 7
Lucky colour: Flame orange
Love Dates: 4th, 29th

Taurus/ Apr 21 to may 21
Expected changes, fluctuations and new demands at work are indicated, increasing pressures at work. Calm thoughts will help you go the right way, and there is a distinct possibility that you could find yourself getting greatly attracted in genuinely acquiring knowledge and important skills.
Lucky numbers: 2, 9
Lucky colour: Bright red
Love Dates: 11th, 19th

Gemini/ May 22 to Jun 21
There could be chances of unexpected chaos. Cheer up, however, creativity and amusement will also feature prominently. You could also be concerned about certain issues affecting your dear ones. Events that are likely to develop may seem puzzling, and if you are in the midst of negotiations, be clear about your expectations.
Lucky numbers: 1, 4
Lucky colour: white
Love Dates: 13th, 20th

Volume 1 Issue 1


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