Kickstart Your 2020 With The Right Approach

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2019 already feels like a long time ago. It is the second day of 2020 and we have never felt this energetic and positive before. Every single person is looking forward to making 2020 the best year of their lives. This excitement of 2020 can, however, very easily fade away. It is crucial that we keep our excitement levels consistent if we wish to make 2020 a great year for us. 

For this purpose, there are few things that you must incorporate into your lives from now itself. 

Place Self Care Right At The Top Of Your 2020 To-Do List  

If you are done spending half of your 2019 fancying the idea of ‘self-care’ as a luxurious activity, it now time to understand that self-care is anything but fancy. Rather it is a necessity for one’s betterment. Self-care demands you to do everything that keeps you away from anything that is even slightly harmful to your physical as well as mental health. To be able to perform any tasks efficiently and carry the strength to face challenges and hurdles that fall in between your path, you must have the energy to deal with it. A disturbed mind and lethargic body cannot accomplish the tasks and overcome challenges. Make sure you have a healthy diet enriched with greens and cereals. Incorporate exercising in your routine and consume at least 3 liters of water if 4 becomes too much for you. Stay away from things and people that disturb the peace of mind and make you feel negative. Train your mind to constantly think about your betterment. Push yourself to do what benefits your life. 

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Push Everything Aside That Doesn’t Lead You To Self Growth 

We live in a world full of distractions that keep us from focusing on everything that is important for our growth. These days, instead of ticking off tasks from our to-do lists, we are busy scrolling through our Instagram feed. Ask yourself, what good is going to come from that?  Fall into a habit of questioning yourself “Is this going to teach me something?”, “How is this going to benefit me?” before doing anything. Netflix and chill is surely a very pleasing idea, but not at the cost of your work/studies/responsibility. Engage yourself in activities that will surely boost your growth.  These activities can be anything like learning a new language, reading a newspaper every day, meditating or even completing 7-8 hours of sleep by switching off your screens. 

Practice Self Discipline Every Single Day 

Of course, you should not be too harsh with yourself, but you should also not be too lenient. Self-discipline is the most difficult thing to inculcate within yourself, but it is what takes you closer to your goals and dreams. There are many things we just can’t control ourselves from doing. This is because we lack self-discipline. Next time when you feel like doing something you know you shouldn’t be doing, just think about how much want to achieve your dream. If your dream really means everything to you, you won’t find controlling yourself that difficult. Taking a break and spending time doing what you like isn’t bad, but taking everything lightly is. This is where self-discipline must come into play. 

You Need To Stay Motivated 

 Motivation too is prime for the accomplishment of your goals. Make sure you stay motivated. There are many fun ways to keep your motivation alive. You can write your dream or goal in bold on a big piece of paper and paste it at a place where your eyes fall every morning after you wake up. You can also maintain a journal where you can write down positive and motivating thoughts. Make sure you give yourself a nice pep talk everytime you feel like giving up. You can also keep a photograph of your inspiring personalities with you. Besides this, you can also expose yourself to motivating content online, since online is the place where we spend most of our time these days. 

Have A Committed Relationship With Your Goals And Dreams 

Stay focused. Don’t stir away from your goals and dreams. There can be nothing more satisfying than seeing your dreams come true. Everything else that is not related to your dreams is just a “whatever”. Make a plan, a timeline that will help you proceed successfully towards your goals. Make sure you also have a Plan-B ready incase Plan-A fails. It is the accomplishment of your goals that is going to leave you with a sense of completeness in life. It is a feeling that you will hold close to your heart for your entire lifetime. If you want to live this feeling, you must commit to your goals. 

2020 seems like a positive and promising year for all since there is not one person who is low on energy. You too shouldn’t be. Make sure you make the most of 2020. Repeat this to yourself after reading the coming lines – 2020 is going to be my year. It is going to be a year of progress, fulfillment, love, happiness, and positivity. 


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