An unexpected key element to wearing accessories – Timing


A great outfit can be easily ruined by choosing the wrong accessory but a basic outfit can be made great by choosing the right one. Accessories bring attention to the best part of your outfit and minimise the dull parts. It helps you get the look you want without having to spend a fortune on it.

From casual, chic, elegant, sophisticated, fun to artistic – accessories are your best friends, and your friendship remains sacred. It’s all about positive attention. If it’s overdone then you might seem distracting or loud, as opposed to the statement you want to make.

Have you heard of the saying, ‘less is more?’ If yes, do you really agree?Everyone deserves to sparkle and shine. The key is to know the right time.

Daily Wear

Image Credits: Overstock

Articles like wedding bands, sacred threads or cords and wrist watches are perfectly acceptable to wear every day at work. But there are some Do’s and Don’ts.

  • In a traditional office, it might be better to stick to stud earrings to match your outfit.
  • Don’t blind your colleagues with big stones. Those weapons should be saved for after hours’ cocktail time.
  • In a less formal office, you can step it up a notch and wear small hoops as long as they don’t make too much noise.
  • In a creative environment, larger earrings are acceptable but it’s still a good idea to get ones that don’t make sounds. You don’t want to be known as the ‘noisy one.’ Same rules apply to chunky bracelets.
  • Save your eccentric taste for after work. It’s all about timing.

Party Jewellery

Image Credits: Roma Designer Jewellery

Almost anything goes. Don’t be afraid to wear clanging bangles, huge rhinestones or blinding earrings. If it’s the weekend, you deserve it. But you also deserve to have some attention on your personality. Don’t let your accessories have all the fun.

It’s all about the times!

It was usually said that metals shouldn’t be mixed. But out with the old and in with the new! Now you can wear any combination go gold, silver, copper etc.

Women were once told to only wear a ring in their left ring finger if they were engaged. This rule already sounds ridiculous. I’m not addressing it any further. A look wasn’t considered complete if the set wasn’t matching. These days, a look isn’t trendy if there’s no mismatch represented.

But do you know which advice has remained golden over the years?

“When in doubt, don’t wear it!”


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