Kamala Harris; A Woman With A Vision For The US

Kamala Harris
Image Credits: NBC

2016 saw the emergence of Donald Trump as the President of America with Hillary Clinton being in the opposition. The entire election period was quiet an event worth watching. With the US Presidential Elections arriving once again in 2020, fresh events will unravel and grab world attention.

In the midst of the American Presidential election buzz, an identity known for her intelligence, liberal ideologies, toughness, and courage is making a strong presence in the media. This identity is none other than Kamala Devi Harris.

Kamala Devi Harris, besides being the presidential candidate is currently a Democratic Senator from California. In the year 2017, she defeated Loretta Sanchez and took over the seat. She is the first South-Asian and second African-American to serve in the senate.

Born in Oakland, California, Kamala Devi Harris is the offspring of two immigrants. Her mother, Shyamala Gopalan hails from the southern part of India and father, Donald Harris, a Jamaican. Her parents met in Berkeley where both of them were pursuing their higher studies. Mother a cancer researcher and father a professor at the Stanford University were divorced when Kamala Harris was 7 years old. She also has a sister named Maya who is a Public Policy Advocate by profession. Both the sisters have been single handedly raised by their mother after the divorce. 

Harris credits all her success to her mother. In one of her tweets, she stated that, out of the many lessons that her mother has taught, one of greatest is that of being able to recognize a problem and finding a solution for it instead of complaining.

Kamala Harris graduated from Howard University by pursuing Bachelor’s in Arts (Political Science and Economics) in the year 1986. Following this, she also earned a degree in law from Hastings College in 1989.

After pursuing her higher studies, Kamala Harris started with her professional career as a deputy district attorney in Oakland. As a deputy district attorney, she fearlessly prosecuted cases of drug trafficking, gang violence, and sexual abuse. Considering her toughness and sheer dedication towards work, Harris was promoted to the position of a district attorney. Later in the year 2010 she became the attorney general of California. She was the first female as well as the first African American to hold this position.

On her path towards success, Kamala Harris demonstrated strong political independence and was also seen as the one who follows the right path without fearing any higher authority. This was seen when she went against the pressures of the Barrack Obama and rejected to settle a countrywide lawsuit against mortgage lenders for unfair trade practices.   

Kamala Harris
Image Credits: Politico

In the year 2012, Kamala Harris addressed a speech at the Democratic National Convention which brought her to the world’s attention. In this speech of hers, Harris shed light on many crucial issues like climate, health, sanitation, safety of women and families, law enforcement, and many more.

Making her way through the political system, she declared her candidacy for the US Senate seat in late 2015 and also gained victory in 2016. As a Senator, she has addressed issues and signed many developmental policies like healthcare for all, reformation of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency, climate change, etc.

Recently, Harris made an official announcement of being a presidential candidate and also launched her presidential campaign for 2020.

The coming years of  2019 and 2020 will be a time of utmost curiosity for all. The question that will keep making rounds in our mind is ‘Will Kamala Harris be the next face of the US?’


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