Jonah Engler’s Way to Improve Emotional Wellness

emotional wellness
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When was the last time you cried or laughed so hard? When was it that you listened to your emotions and feelings honestly? Is it challenging for you to let other people in for fear of being really vulnerable? Life is filled with emotional lows and highs, which are often not within your control. You are likely to experience various emotions in various stages of your life. Want to know more about the significance of emotional wellness and ways of improving the same over time, then keep reading.

Emotional Wellness Defined 

What exactly is emotional wellness? Simply put, this has everything to do with your behaviors, feelings, and thoughts. Emotional wellness enables you in clearly recognizing and accepting your feelings, and this includes both negative and positive. It comprises adapting to difficult times, life changes, and stress. 

Emotional Wellness is Important – Says Jonah Engler 

For Jonah Engler, emotional wellness plays a very important role as it is the way you feel that impacts every facet of life. If, for instance, you are depressed or sad, this can take a toll on your professional and personal relationships and also the quality of life overall. Besides, if you face difficulty managing stress or express your emotions, it may reduce your well-being and result in avoidable health problems. Those people, on the contrary, are often emotionally in check will be capable of best interpreting and expressing their feelings. Thus, they can feel comfortable and at ease in their skin, thereby developing strong interpersonal relationships that will both impact them positively in every facet of life. Self-care, fortunately, is getting more prevalent today. Following the rise in the way, technology is consuming the world and demanding our attention, stepping back and thinking about emotions and feelings will work wonders in keeping true to yourself and preventing mental health issues. Life has its shares of ups as well as downs. People that develop higher degrees of emotional intelligence, along with being in touch, emotions, and feelings, are always at the finest position of withstanding whatever life will throw at them. 

Tips to Improve Emotional Wellness

These are some of the tips that will help to improve your emotional wellness, 

  • First and foremost, you need to build positive, strong interpersonal relationships. Always maintain distance from those who have failed in making any efforts to maintain a relationship.
  • Secondly, ensure to practice mindfulness and live in the present. After all, the future is not within your control, and the past has been written already. So, stop worrying about the future or dwelling on the past. Live for the moment, and above all, give your best for remaining present on a day to day basis.
  • Last but not least, avoid suppressing your emotions and feelings. The best step will be to prepare yourself for every outcome possible and try embracing the moment with friends or family.

The bottom line, being true to yourself, striving to improve your emotional wellness, and embracing your feelings, will work wonders to help you lead a healthy life.


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