News Flash (21st September 2020): Top 12 Stories Of The Day

Schools, Rajya Sabha
Image Credits: Republic World

Demand to regulate school fees raised in Rajya Sabha 

Private schools charge exorbitant rates not only for the fees but also for books and uniforms. This was brought up in the Rajya Sabha by a Congress MP and it was demanded that they regulate fees charged by private schools. He said “crores of rupees in commission” are being charged on school material which parents are forced to buy. 

JNU to conduct its examinations in October 

JNU, Rajya Sabha
Image Credits: DNA India

The Jawaharlal Nehru University examination dates have finally been announced and are going to be held from October 5 to October 8. The online examination will be MCQ based. The admit cards for the same will be made available on its official website on 21st September 2020. 

Taj Mahal reopens for 5,000 visitors per day

Taj Mahal reopen
Image Credits: Pehal News

A maximum of 5000 visitors can now visit the monument per day. Tickets will have to be bought online through the ASI website or mobile app. The visits will be in two slots: pre-lunch and post-lunch, with a maximum of 2,500 visitors in each. COVID-19 protocol will be followed strictly. 

Schools open in Assam on voluntary basis 

Assam Schools
Image Credits: The Indian Express

After being shut for six months, schools in Meghalaya have opened partially for students in classes 9-12 on 21st September, 2020. Students are allowed to come in to clarify doubts, however there will be no regular classroom sessions.  

Farmers continue to protest against farm bills introduced by the government 

former protest, farm bill, Rajya Sabha
Image Credits: India TV News

Haryana farmers protested against the bills by blocking roads. The farmers were joined by the ‘arhityas’. Srinivas B V, Indian Youth Congress president labeled the farm reforms as ‘anti- farmers’. The bills are strongly being opposed by farmers and even other officials. 

WhatsApp to allow use of same account on 4 devices simultaneously

Image Credits: Gadgets To Use

A multi-device support system is soon coming to WhatsApp which will allow the usage of one account on four devices simultaneously. A stable internet connection is compulsory. A primary device like WhatsApp Web will not be needed. As per reports, this should be available soon. 

National cybersecurity strategy to be released next month 

National cybersecurity strategy
Image Credits: Dataquest

The National Cyber Security Strategy 2020 visualizes safe and secure cyberspace. With an increase in the number of users of online platforms, there is a greater need for this. Rajesh Pant, India’s National Cyber Security Coordinator stated, “I am very hopeful that it will be introduced in the Monsoon Session, otherwise definitely in the Winter Session of the Parliament.” 

EU to buy bulk doses of potential COVID-19 vaccine 

COVID-19 Vaccine, Rajya Sabha
Image Credits: Express Pharma

The EU is planning to spend around $2.3 billion on the purchase of a potential COVID-19 vaccine to avoid “harmful competition” and ensure that poor countries receive it. With many upcoming potential vaccines, rich countries have started buying up stock. Such competition is sure to raise prices of the vaccine, making it difficult for many countries to obtain it. 

Hints of fresh ice found in Enceladus’s Northern hemisphere 

Enceladus's Northern hemisphere
Image Credits: Catch News

Using visible and infrared light a new map of Saturn’s moon, Enceladus was made. The infrared tells us that the surface of the south pole is young and was probably active not too long ago. The same features are found on the north pole which tells scientists that fresh ice can be found there and the same geologic activity has occurred in both hemispheres. 

Volkswagen considers sale of its Bugatti division 

Volkswagen, Bugatti division,
Image Credits: Bloomberg

Volkswagen is considering selling Bugatti to Rimac, a Croatian car manufacturer in exchange for a bigger stake at the company. However, the supervisory board has not yet approved it. 

Mumbai Indians have now lost their opening match in IPL for the 8th year straight 

Mumbai Indians, opening match, ipl
Image Credits: Scroll

On Saturday, 19th September 2020, Mumbai Indians lost yet another season opener. This is the second time they have lost to CSK in an IPL match opener. Facing Kolkata Knight Riders will be a challenge for them! 

Biggest anti-government protests in years take place in Thailand 

Biggest anti- government protests
Image Credits: DW

Thousands of protesters gathered in Bangkok for a rally to urge the resignation of Thailand’s Prime Minister. They demand that the constitution be rewritten. They installed a plaque declaring that Thailand “belongs to the people” as opposition to the monarchy. 


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