“I Stress Easily, But Take Hours To Calm Down, What Should I do?”

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Stress has become the most common reaction to any kind of problem that arises in our lives. Maximum of our weekdays are spent stressing over even the most trivial worries. Various surveys and studies have been carried out globally only to find out that more teens and young adults experience high levels of stress and anxiety than adults. There are various factors to this which majorly include expectations and pressures from parents to do exceptionally well in school/college as well as in tier careers, and relationship and commitment issues. 

Our inability to handle stress often leads to committing avoidable errors as well as wrong decision making. We often become incapable of performing even the most basic day-to-day functions. 

At such times, certain stress management tips and tricks can come to our rescue. Some of the easiest ones are mentioned below: 

Start singing songs 

This is a 101 tactic to distract yourself from whatever you are stressing about. Music is the best way to escape your thoughts. Start singing or atleast listening to songs when stress starts to build up. 


It’s the best friend you will always have any time by your side. Always keep a pocket diary as your journal to temporarily vent out. Putting down your worries on paper, and then structuring them well and finding solutions will help shed the stress. This might sound really boring, but it’s a blessing in disguise for many. It might just work out for you as well. 

Breathe by practising affirmations

This is the best when you are among people or in some public place. All you need to do is breathe deeply, close your eyes and keep telling yourself positive affirmations like, “you have got this under your control”, “you can get through this”, “you will be fine”, etc. 

Go For A Run 

Running helps the mind to cope with stress. It helps shed as many as 100 calories per mile and also lowers your blood pressure. This makes the body feel light. Even a 10 minute run can go a long way in calming the mind down. 

Have a chat with your friend 

What better than calling or meeting your friend and venting. Call your most trusted friend and speak about the things that stress you out. They might offer you solutions or atleast distract you for a while. 

Initially, these tips might feel pointless however, with constant efforts, they will be your go-to whenever stress arrives uninvited and stands at your doorstep. 


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