Finding the right place to take a girl on a first date is pretty hard. Luckily, with lounge bars like Q’BA that offer the perfect mix of fine dining, lounge style décor and a warm ambience, it’s not such a task after all! Q’BA houses a big, beautiful and well-stocked bar. It has an open air rooftop, adding that much-needed romantic touch that goes well with a nice glass of red wine. It’s a good thing that this lounge bar offers a wide array of wines sourced from major wine-producing regions globally. Food and drinks don’t come cheap here. But taking your date to Q’BA is definitely sure to leave a lasting impression. This place is well worth your money.

A lot of mixed reviews have been going around regarding Club Escape. Naturally, the only thingleft to do was to have a look at it for ourselves. The music was great and spanned genres like hip-hop, house and R&B, while the bar had a good variety of spirits. However, the pricing was a tad steep with cocktails priced at Rs. 600 each. The crowd had people of all ages, from teenagers to middle-aged men (who you wouldn’t expect to see at a club). The décor was apt for a fun night out on the town, but it also incorporated spacious, lounge-style seating. It’s no wonder then, that this Mumbai nightclub received a dozen or so mixed reviews! All in all, it’s a good place to visit if you have excess money to spend.

City Bar Karaoke & Grill will offer you a wholesome experience when you visit. Well-placed in UB City, City Bar is more than just a bar. It offers you entertainment in the form private karaoke, gaming, and the chance to watch music, sports events and other exciting events on super-large flat screens. Of course, you’ll be able to wine and dine too. The menu will leave you spoilt for choice with a wide range of drinks. Choose from their all-day menu, comprising dishes like Humus Jamaa, Scampi Brioche and Bassa Reichade, or watch your food being cooked at the live counter. Its open design plan the calming breeze to flow in. The beautiful expansive views overlook the city. Three unique private rooms give you the feeling of luxury in your own personal space. You can connect your own iPod and play your own music for your group. City Bar is sure to delight you and your friends whenever you happen to visit.

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