Celeb Secrets


My regime:

Being part of the industry, one has to take care of their appearance; hair, face and body. I follow a simple daily regime. I wash my face 5-6 times a day and apply a cleanser and some night cream to keep my face hydrated.

Magic make-up trick:
Before going to a party, meeting or an audition, I make sure I apply some compact powder to keep the face fresh.

Beauty tips:
Only three: 1. Drink water, 2. Drink water, 3. Drink water. I gulp down 3-4 litres in a day; your face will glow naturally.

5 Things in your beauty travel kit:
Compact powder
Ear buds
Hair wax

Favourite fragrance:
Emporio Armani – Diamond (for men)

Favourite brands:


1 beauty faux pas
I take my hair for granted sometimes. At an event during the monsoons, I went without doing my hair. When I reached the party, thanks to the humidity, I looked like I had a wig on. Moral of the story: always have hair wax and cologne in you car glove box.

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