Get Your Freak On: Find Halloween Props, Décor & Games At These Places


Surely most of us are nursing a Diwali hangover, and the rest of us are probably praying for another occasion to dress up for. Fret not, Halloween is here! America’s favourite holiday has caught on quiet well in India recently. And there’s an abundance of parties to attend on this spooky day. If you’re not sure what to wear, or if you’re hosting a party and are on the lookout for some cool props, you’ll find below some stores – online and offline – to come to your rescue.

Mota’s Party Kingdom, Bandra West

Image credit- Justdial

Mota’s is a quaint little party store on the bustling streets of Hill Road. However, they do not have full costumes as much as they do props. But if you’re looking to jazz up your home or party venue with Halloween décor, this store definitely has everything you need! Choose from funky wigs or cool LED glasses for drinks. You most certainly cannot miss this store when you pass by, given the funky decor they have on full display.

Madcaps, Cumballa Hill

Image credit- CityShor

If you’re a townie who’d rather not make the commute to the suburbs, this store may be well within your reach. It’s got nearly everything you need – props, décor, and accessories. They don’t have entire costumes, but you can definitely improvise on your own, and bring your look to fruition with the accessories available.

Party Hunterz, Bandra West

Image credit- Classifiedwale

Another great store located in the Queen of the Suburbs. The one may be a little hard to spot, but if you happen to be at everyone’s favourite jaunt Candies, Party Hunterz is bang opposite. This store is slightly heavy on the wallet, but if you’re someone who loves to go all out for Halloween, there’s no room for complaints!

Incase you’re not up for physically going to a store, Wanna Party has a website with all their products. If you’re looking for costumes more than props, you’re going to want to check this online store out. Whether you want to dress as you’re favourite superhero, or the Grim Reaper, you’ll find your costumes here. Their costumes are more for children that adults, so if you have a little one or know of any, this store is a treat. They have stores located in Delhi as well. They also have an ongoing 10% discount on all costumes. Just saying.

From masks, to head gears, to costumes to party games and novelties, this store has it all. You can even fetch yourself some of their magic tricks, or pull a prank (or two) on your friend – they have products that cater to whatever may be your need. If you’re looking for that absolute fear factor, nobody does it like sparklestores.


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