Education For All: GradRight Launches Special Scholarship For LGBTQIA+ Students

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Change is inevitable. Creating a change with forward-thinking and embracing the change is the need of the hour. With India stepping towards a progressive outlook, the youth especially is taking a keen interest in shaping the future development of the country. 

As we celebrate PRIDE month, GradRight, an ed fintech company has launched GradPRIDE scholarships for LGBTQIA+ students who want to study abroad. The initiative by the startup is intended towards providing education to all. This is India’s first specialized scholarship worth INR 2,00,000 for higher education in the world’s top 500 universities. To apply for the scholarship the students are required to log in to the GradRight website by July 31, 2022. 

The LGBTQIA+ community faces many challenges and life experiences that create obstacles for them throughout their life. Choosing the right university for education is one of the most challenging decisions as they still face challenges and discrimination. Even when they choose a college, funding is the next blockage faced by them. In order to avoid all the difficulties and clear the roadblock for this community, GradPride is the right choice provided by GradRight to choose what is best for them. The selection process will be based on the merits of the students and each application will be reviewed by the financial institutes associated with GradRight. 

As part of the program, GradRight will be assisting the students in understanding which university or institute will be best suited for them offering an inclusive, safe living environment. The program also intends to provide tips and skills to navigate the social norms and cultural differences between the international students and the LGBTQIA+ community. Not only this, but the program also intends to provide legal guidance to the students to protect their rights. 

The new initiative GradPRIDE rightly presents the company’s vision to provide higher education to all. GradRight is the first Indian firm to introduce this innovative idea of providing exclusive scholarships to LGBTQIA+ students. This initiative will also encourage financial institutes to contribute to the cause and also boost the morale of the community. 

GradRight, founded in 2019, is helping aspiring students to pursue higher education abroad without worrying about money. It connects the students with financial institutes for the right funding and guidance to move forward in achieving their dreams. India is moving towards change in building a nation that seeks equality for all and equality on the basis of merit.


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