GaMe:OR Lame? – November 2011



EA promised a revolution but let’s face it: in an annual sports franchise such as FIFA, a revolution comes around about once a decade. FIFA 12 then, is more of an evolution, albeit a bolder one than what we’ve come to expect. The most noticeable and controversial of the game’s new features is tactical defending. Defending now requires as much skill and concentration as attacking, and demands the opportune use of the jockey, pressure and standingtackle controls. While this new focus on defending is welcome, the challenge involved means that you’ll be letting in many goals on the higher AI difficulties. The other game changing feature is the player-impact engine, which sadly, changes the game for the worse. Awkward collisions and glitchy animations mar what is otherwise a well-presented game, and the ill-effects aren’t just superficial. Unrealistic collisions also adversely affect the flow of the game. Clearly more game-testing was in order. In terms of game modes, FIFA 12 is almost identical to its predecessor, but the Football Club feature ties it all in very well, rewarding you and your chosen club with XP for all activities performed within the game. Overall, FIFA 12 seems like a step back for the series thanks to the two big new features not quite working as well as intended.



The Resistance series has always divided audiences, but the third home console instalment is perhaps the best of them all and one that is sure to be universally appreciated. The key contributing factors to its success are Insomniac’s adoption of some old-school shooter mechanics, namely a diminishing health bar as opposed to automatically regenerating health, and the ability to carry multiple weapons and go crazy with gunfights. It also helps that Resistance 3 has some of the tightest controls you’ll find on a console, and a diverse and fun arsenal of weapons to help you take on the Chimeran menace. Each weapon also has a powerful alternate fire feature that levels up the more you use it, making it more potent and rewarding you for being loyal to your preferred gun. Resistance 3 is extremely atmospheric and does a great job of portraying America left in ruins aft er an alien invasion. The campaign does tend to drag on a bit towards the end, but some thrilling set pieces and challenging bosses make it fun all the same. You can also play the campaign with a friend in co-op, and once you’re done with that, you can head online for some competitive multiplayer. The system isn’t drastically diff erent from other online shooters – it has got the levelling system and perks that we’re all used to – but again, the brilliant map design and weapons help it stand out and create its own unique identity. If you’re a fan of the FPS genre, Resistance 3 blends classic game-play mechanics seamlessly with current gen design to deliver a game that will not disappoint.


Volume 1 Issue 5


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