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Maria Celine Liya takes you on a tour of her campus

College days are considered to be the best days of one’s life. Being a part of an institution like Christ University in Bangalore adds to it even more. Christ University, previously known as Christ College, is now declared as Deemed to be University under the Section 3 of UGC Act 1956. The university offers a wide variety of courses under various streams, and most importantly apart from just the academic growth, it also focuses on the holistic development of the students.
There are many festivals organised by the university’s various departments, however ‘In Bloom’ and ‘Blossoms’ remain the two main festivals in Christ University, which sees a tremendous participation from the students. Apart from these two festivals, each department hosts their own festival. ‘Silhouette’ is organised by the psychology students and every year the department comes up with innovative ideas for the same.
The campus is a vision to behold with its architectural brilliance and the lush greenery of nature in abundance. The new central block with its 10 stories is magnificent. The view is beautiful as it allows one to view the concrete jungle of the silicon capital from one side, as well as the beauty of the garden city from the other.
With a whopping 85 percent attendance requirement most Christites are in college most of the time and the campus is almost always crowded. Even though there are a number of places to eat in the campus, during lunch hour luck has to favour you if you want to eat your favourite on the menu.
Despite the strict nature, what with the CIAs (continuous internal assessments) that almost never seems to end, along with the grading system, the fun factor is very much a part of a Christite’s life. The university’s ethnic day is the most fun of all, when the entire place comes alive with different cultures. It is the one day that we let our hair down and just have fun!
Most of the Christites are usually in Christ University for almost seven years as they start off with pre-university college and then move on to graduation and then post graduation. Once you get used to the system, it is pretty much fun to be here. The state of the art technology and facilities of this university also contributes to a wonderful learning experience.
Academically, the teaching methods used are innovative and interesting, while the exposure is fantastic to say the least, as there are many guest lecturers organised by the different department where experts in various fields are called upon to address the students.
Extracurricular activities are given a lot of importance. For instance, students who wish to be a part of the Cul team in Christ University must go through a screening process that is held in the form of an intra-college festival called Darpan. The winners are then chosen to be part of the respective teams.
There is something or the other always happening at Christ University. The campus is always alive and buzzing with energy. Life here is not a cake walk, but, with the right dedication and effort, it will add on to all facets of one’s life.

Volume 1 Issue 5


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