Gotham City Imposters


This first-person multiplayer shooter by Monolith Productions will see players rebelling against conformity. There are two groups of Gotham citizens that are trying to kill one another; the first group is called the crazies and are followers of the Joker. They are out to kill the Bats who happen to be the vigilantes of Gotham. One of the fun game modes is Psychological Warfare. One of the teams has to pick up a battery and take it back to home base to power a brain-washing machine without getting killed. If the team manages to place the battery and defend it for around 30 seconds, then it will detonate and cause the opposing team to become demoralised (they can kill people using their hands sans a gun) for a few seconds. In-game customisation including insane costumes, numerous maps and modes, homebrewed gadgets and a wide range of traditional and outlandish weapons alike, make Gotham City Imposters a treat for fans of DC Comics. The game play is fantastic. On the whole this game is quite impressive!

Volume 1 Issue 8


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