The Adventures of Tintin


This adventure game is based on the action-packed movie of the same name. Developed by Ubisoft in close collaboration with the filmmaking team, you can expect the visuals to be top notch. The Adventures of Tintin takes you through investigations of mysteries that may lead to one of the greatest sunken treasures known to mankind! Experience the game though characters like Snowy the dog, Captain Haddock, Tintin himself and three other unlockable characters, all of whom have their own personalities and skills. There are 20 different exotic environments to choose from, including Karaboudjan and the city of Bagghar. Expect to pilot a plane, swim through underwater caves and sword-fight a 17th century knight in this thrilling game. Furthermore, if you have the Xbox Kinect or the Playstation Move, you can enjoy a good deal of enhanced immersion. You can choose to play solo or in the two-player co-op mode if you need a little help from your friends in solving mysteries! The Challenge mode is perfect if you want to battle your wits against the AI.

Volume 1 Issue 8


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