From “Kitne Aadmi Thhe” To “No Means No”, Bollywood Evolved

Image Credits: India Times

It is absolutely undeniable that the strongest cultural reflection of our lives is seen in the Indian film Industry. The Hindi counterpart of our Indian film industry, popularly known as Bollywood has a global mystique.

For most citizens, Indian Cinema is integral to their lives. It doesn’t only provide a two to three hour pass time but is a source of providing the audience with a vicarious lifestyle. The larger than life heroes of Bollywood are not just applauded but worshipped with a matchless fervor. Actors and actresses are household names. Not to mention the music which has unapparelled importance in the Hindi Cinema. The songs that accompany every movie are as essential to the audience as the film itself. The colorful dance routines and music together contribute to the celebration of our culture. The impact is so huge that the word ‘Bollywood’ is not just used to refer to the Hindi film industry anymore but to a whole mood. Bollywood represents a strange combination of feelings that lightens up people’s mood and makes them experience extreme emotions just by watching films, listening to its music, or grooving to its beats. 

The influence of Bollywood is not limited to the borders of the country. Now, the part of the globe in which you live, is of little importance because Bollywood has hoisted its flag everywhere. Bollywood films are being watched by a global audience all over the world, be it China or Canada. Many movies have been translated to different languages to reach the demands of the ever-increasing audience. One notable achievement of Bollywood is that it has not only managed to earn the praises of the masses but has also managed to impress the critics of the world which can be proved by the fact that an increasing number of Hindi films are reaching international film festivals. Bollywood superstars like Amitabh Bachhan, Aishwarya Rai, Shah Rukh Khan, Priyanka Chopra are Irfan Khan enjoy international fan following and global recognition. Bollywood has given so many stars, international leaders who people idealize and look up to. 

Since the Hindi Cinema is such a popular form of media and has the power to mesmerize the masses, the moviemakers have a social responsibility which they cannot turn away from. Gender hierarchy is as ingrained in Bollywood as ever. It is indisputable that Bollywood movies continue to place more weight on the actor in the films and most of the times the actresses play just a love interest to the much-celebrated hero. With more and more people understanding the need for equality and women empowerment, it is time that Bollywood offers more female eccentric films that star women in versatile roles. We need more films like Queen, Piku, Mary Kom and Kahaani

Image Credits: Rediff

Moviemakers also need to do away with the promotion of movies involving toxic masculinity which often gives the masses misogynistic ideas. Many movies attempt to normalize these stereotypes where the hero keeps on pursuing the heroine until she is forced to become his love interest. Such movies pass on a very wrong idea to the masses and should be done with instantly. So many songs have lyrics that are strongly prejudiced against women. They objectify women, suggest superficial nature of women, eve teasing, and are even racist at times. In this modern world, we don’t need another song celebrating these stereotypes. 

Keeping this chauvinism aside, some Bollywood works have been fairly progressive too and have proved that Bollywood also has socially sensitive side. Movies are being made about every topic now. Shubh Mangal Savdhan, My Name is Khan, Taare Zameen Par, Badhai Ho, Toilet, Padman and so many more have not just entertained people but have successfully attempted to bring a change for the betterment. Since time immemorial, Bollywood now and then comes up with movies that are filled with nationalistic sentiments up to the brim. Uri, Raazi, Mission Mangal, Rang De Basanti, Phantom are just a few of many such movies that have birthed a strong sense of patriotism in the people. Not just this, Bollywood is now actively promoting sports, mythology, history development of social structure, and bringing modern ideas and practices into the picture for which Bollywood deserves a lot of appreciation.

The magic of Bollywood is indispensable and is too deeply rooted into our life. It provides us affordable entertainment for all. With juicy plotlines packed with much celebrated Bollywood Masala, action, chaste family values, romantic affairs, and mind-boggling conspiracies, we cannot imagine our lives without Bollywood. It transports a person with a modest income to exotic locations like those of South Africa, New York, Europe and so many others where the movies have been shot. From discussing the latest movies in social gatherings to jamming to popular Bollywood songs which become anthems in no time, Bollywood has unquestionably grand importance in our lives. 


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