Freshman Tips: How To Get More Involved On Campus

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Moving to college can be overwhelming especially since, to most students, this is the first time you will be living away from friends and family. Chances of getting homesick are very high. However, getting involved on campus in all that is happening in the college will help to ease the transition, making the process less stressful and help you re-establish a sense of belonging. Being involved helps students develop essential life skills and confidence; thus, you will become more independent. It is through this transition that you can acquire life skills such as embracing and respecting diversity and getting along with everyone. 

To get more time to venture in other activities on campus, you should ensure that you have handled all your assignments on time. Since most of the essays required more time and research, it’s easy to get overwhelmed since, as a freshman, you already have too much to come in to terms with. But you can still have an easy first year when you have a reliable online tutor who can help you come up with the best write-ups for your assignments. Since there are numerous educational platforms that offer essay writing services, be sure to check Edubirdie review by experts among other online reviews to determine the platform that meets your specifications. This way, you will have eliminated one hindrance to being fully involved on campus.

Here are a few ways to get involved in campus;

1.Attend Events

While in college, there is no reason to get bored – there is always something happening, or there is something upcoming to look forward to. Go watch your fellow students performing, wide bingo night; cheer your team on the sporting events. In many cases, the freshmen who never show up for their second year or semester on the campus are those who never came out of their dormitories all year long. Get out of your comfort zone and you will be surprised by the new friends you can meet in such events. For the first few weeks, you may not be aware of what is happening or what is coming up, but you can ask residence life workers or check your college’s website or social media platforms. 

2. Take Part In In-house Sports

The majority of schools have team sports chances where the student can get involved even if they aren’t varsity-level athletes. The idea of these sports is to gives students a chance to play games they love without involving regular practices. Look out for games such as football, hockey, Frisbee, or bowling. It is the best way to get some exercise and meet people with similar interests to yours. Check out on the gym or sporty center so you can know the available in-house opportunities. 

If you aren’t a sports fan and you would like to know how to get involved in college sports, get involved by supporting the school team. This is an excellent way of having fun by celebrating your school. 

3. Join A Club

Many campuses usually have various students-run school clubs. The groups are typically based on interests such as dancing, hiking, cooking, etc. If you are passionate about a particular social or political cause, the college has proven to be a central political centre where you can share your opinions, hear the opinion of others and maybe change your perspective. Learn about the existing clubs in your school by checking from the student service centre, or you can decide to begin your own.

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4. Volunteer in the Community

Volunteering in your community is a great way to broaden your horizons. Colleges are now incorporating service learning and volunteering unswervingly to the school curriculum. If the course you are taking isn’t encompassing any service-learning course, check out for volunteering college-based organizations, where you can work with your peers to give back to the community. Choices might range from cleaning the streets, giving a hand in building homes, or tutoring the local children. Doing this will not give you a sense of satisfaction for giving back to the community, but it will also help build your resume as well as give you valuable skills. 

5. Participate in Research

Participating in research is among the numerous ways of getting involved in college. Mostly, college research projects require students to take part as assistants. Participating in such a course is a great way to earn some money or earn class credit. You will get an opportunity to get a first-hand depiction of the scope of work the school undertakes while still building your resume. 

6. Get A Mentor

If perhaps you don’t have a friend or older sibling to help you through the college life, consider getting someone to guide you as a mentor. Look out for the person who walked you around the school during freshman orientation, an older student in your major, or an individual you admire. Let that person be someone who understands your goals and interest and can guide you to pursue them in college. 

7. Become A Part Of School Paper

Regardless of your future career, writing skills will always put you a step ahead. It’s one of the most valuable skills you will learn in school. Hone this valuable skill while exploring deep to the happening of school life by taking part in the student newspaper. They usually have chances for researchers, writers, photographers, editors, and writers. Participating in school papers will also add credits to your resume.


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