Unisex Fashion Is Blurring The Lines Between Male And Female Style Statements

Unisex Fashion
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Skirts for women and shirts for men. Gone are the days when fashion was specific to genders. Lately, people have found a midway and have smoothly busted fashion stereotypes. This midway is what we today commonly refer to as ‘Unisex Fashion’

Unisex Fashion is the fashion that includes clothing as well as accessories which can be used by both men and women. Today many big and reputed fashion brands have started producing genderless garments. Although it looks a little unusual to the eyes to see a man wearing a long flared kurta or a woman wearing a tuxedo, unisex fashion has changed the way people shop.

Unisex fashion has become so common that you too must have worn something unisex without even realising it. There are some of the most common unisex clothing and accessories that we can wear casually in our everyday lives. 

Denim Jacket

Unisex fashion
Image Credits: Asos

It is the most casual thing one can wear on denim pants and t-shirts. Since it doesn’t have much difference in the fitting for men and women, both can wear it and look really cool. 

T-shirts/Oversized t-shirts 

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We get it that there are some women t-shirts that men can’t wear, but women can surely put on men’s tees and step out looking all sassy. Besides, oversized t-shirts look beyond cool and cute on women. Men too can wear cool coloured t-shirts like peach, sky blue, baby pink etc. that are usually seen on women. 


Unisex Dungarees
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Though this apparel is old, it recently came into fashion and again. A dungaree is also unisex wear that looks good both on men and women. All one needs is a t-shirt to wear inside a dungaree.


Unisex Pyjamas
Image Credits: Dunnes Stores

Who doesn’t love pyjamas? It is by far the most comfortable wear ever made. These too are unisex. The pyjamas, especially the printed ones have a whole new level of quirk and are definitely genderless. If you don’t have one of those, you have to hit the stores right now!


Unisex fashion
Image Credits: Harpers Bazaar

While many women choose to attend meetings in a knee-length formal dress, there are many others who put on a rich black blazer, something that was earlier considered to be a ‘men’s wear’. Women with blazers carry stunning confidence with them and it’s difficult to take your eyes off them.


Image Credits: Wish

This one is purely unisex. In a mood to wear something extremely comfortable and cozy especially during mild winters, a sweatshirt looks great on simple denim pants or even track pants. So many college and high school students which include boys and girls both, attend daily early-morning lectures in sweatshirts.


Image Credits: India Times

A beanie is a different kind of a cap made of woolen material. It is meant to be worn casually on jeans and t-shirts and is more aptly worn during winters to protect your ears from cold. Both boys are girls look ‘in fashion’ when they combine their casual outfit with a beanie. If you haven’t tried this outfit, you have never really seen your ‘cool’ self. 

Fitness Bands 

Unisex fashion
Image Credits: Swagware

This is the newest fashion and an accessory that men and women these days are seen wearing. Irrespective of the colour of the band, its usage is what matters more to the users. Its increase in demand has led to almost all tech companies producing their own fitness bands. They have designed their bands in such a way that are purely unisex in style. 

What you wear becomes your style statement, be it a blazer or an oversized t-shirt. Fashion today has evolved immensely and reached new levels of designing. This designing of fashion has blurred the lines between the male and female fashion. It’s time you realise it and up your fashion game. 


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