Emotional Compatibility Is Fine, But How Financially Compatible Are You With Your Partner?

Financial Compatibility
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While deciding to date someone, we always check for emotional and behavioural compatibility. Yes, it’s very important to understand if we can take someone, having a different emotional capacity, as our partner. Do we like watching the same kind of movies, do we have similar tastes in food, do we share the same value system, principles and ethics, do we connect emotionally on a deeper level, what level of trust and understanding do we share, etc are some common things we check for when making a commitment decision. How often though, do we check for financial compatibility? 

Might sound bizarre, but yes financial compatibility is equally important in a relationship. While we, unfortunately, made our peace with women not knowing the earnings of their husbands in the bygone days, new-age couples prefer being aware of each other’s finances and their financial habits. It’s one of the healthiest ways to ensure a relationship stands strong for a long time. 

Pairing up with someone whose financial habits you know thoroughly helps in avoiding all the differences that might arise in the future and may also lead to a rocky situation in your relationship. It is also important for you to communicate your financial habits and check if your partner is okay with them. 

Having financial compatibility doesn’t necessarily mean that you and your partner hold the same money management habit or have the same outlook towards treating your finances. It also means being okay with the differences you and your partner have regarding finances. 

Choice is what plays a major role here. There is no relationship rulebook that states it is necessary to have a partner which the same financial capacity, habit or income. It completely depends on your choice, what you want. You can be someone who loves to shop, spend and lead an expensive life and has no problem taking someone as your partner who is a minimalist. What’s important is that either your partner should be okay with your spending habits or if they are not, you should be willing to make some lifestyle changes.  

Communication in such situations plays a key role. Make sure you communicate all aspects revolving around your finances, including your expectations, to your partner to avoid any kind of future conflict. Doing so is a healthy approach towards attempting to build financial compatibility with your partner. 

Discuss your future investment plans, whether you intend on having a joint account or a separate account, or both (in case you plan on marrying your partner or are sure to be together for a long time), what are each other’s thoughts on purchasing assets, if there are any unpaid loans, what kind of investments and policies are in existence, etc. This will help you and your partner to understand each other even better when it comes to handling finances together. 

We in India avoid talking about finances freely given as our culture has made us believe it’s bad manners. However, with the changing times where both men and women are earning and financially independent, it has become necessary to have a free dialogue around the subject of finance, especially between couples. 

If you are someone who has been avoiding discussing finance with your partner, it’s important you communicate the importance of financial compatibility to your partner at the earliest. Of course, the amount of time you and your partner have been together and how much you know about their background also play a huge role. If you have newly started dating, wait for some time to pass before you share the details of your financial situation and take decisions wisely. 


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