Everyday Habits That Are Probably Damaging Your Eyes

everyday habits damaging your eyes
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Ever wondered why the kings and queens never had a problem with their eyesight. It is because they ate healthily and lived in a world where screens didn’t exist. Besides they took ‘believe only what you see’ too seriously. In such a case how could they even take their eye care lightly?

Eyes are sensitive and delicate. They are also one of the most important parts of the human body. They demand and deserve good care. However, this is the one thing they lack the most. Most of the damage done to the eyes is done by you. Even though this statement might seem like a typical ‘mom’ thing to say, we all know that it is right to a certain extent.

There are many common habits which we all have that are causing serious damage to our eyes:

  • Constant Exposure to Screens: The world is going digital. So is our life. We are either typing out emails in the office, scrolling through our Facebook feed, reading an online blog, watching web series while commuting, or watching television before retiring for the day. Right from waking up in the morning to going back to sleep, screens are all that eyes see. Such exposure causes immense stress on the eyes. This affects the vision of the eyes, leading to multiple eye problems like irritation in the eyes, watering eyes, weak eyesight, etc.
  • Rubbing Your Eyes: Yes it feels good when you rub your eyes, but that is only for the time being. You only rubs eyes when it starts itching or if something goes into them, however, rubbing and touching the eyes with fingers is not at all good. You can always splash water in the eyes to get rid of the itchiness. Throughout the day, your fingers come in contact with so many things which can be dirty. When these fingers touch your eyes, the dirt and other harmful particles enter in causing damage to the eyes.
everyday habits damaging your eyes
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  • Reading in Low Light: This is something that has become a newly developed habit among many. Working or reading under lamp or dim light puts a lot of strain on the eyes causing irritation and dryness. As you read in poor lighting, your eyes fight really hard to help you focus and see the text clearly under meager light which causes the damage. Ensure proper and bright lighting while you are reading and operating devices.
  • Inadequate sleep: Our sleeping patterns have definitely gone for a toss. 7-8 hours of sleep is must. Working, watching web series or reading books till late in the night deprives us of proper sleep. Not just this, but anything that results in improper sleep has a direct effect on the eyes. The become weak, dry, they start hurting, and the vision too becomes blurry. Dark circles also start developing under the eyes. Make sure to get proper sleep. Go to bed early and rise early.
  • Not Eating Healthy: With unhealthy and junk food making way into our lives, just like the screens have, it becomes very important to have a good balance between healthy and unhealthy food. Proper mix of salad in our everyday diet adds a lot in keeping the eyes healthy. Foods like carrot, coriander, tomato, dry fruits, green leafy vegetables, etc. helps in keeping the eyes healthy.

Take the right steps to keep your eyes healthy by keeping your everyday habits in control.


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