Digital Technology Is The Future For Jobs According To ESIC Business And Marketing School


Will it be digital or not? The ‘leitmotiv’ is all around us: in companies, in the press, in classrooms. Technology is gaining importance and to implement it in the products and services we offer will be crucial in the development in all business sectors. It is estimated that 85% of the Jobs that will exist in 2030 have not yet been created since their technology has not been developed yet.

ESIC Business & Marketing School is not far away from this reality. Digitalization has entered our day to day life, and also in Education, which is changing more and more every day and faster than ever. Therefore, it is important to put the latest trends in teaching into practice, meeting the professional demands of companies, creating methods adapted to millennials and generation Z, who have learned to learn in a different way, being digital natives.

It is essential to prepare students better in an area where digital is everything. “The market needs professionals trained in marketing adapted to the digital economy, which has meant disruption and a change in the behavior of clients in any sector of the economy,” explains Javier Espa, Admissions Director of the Postgraduate Area.


Thus, the Institute of the Digital Economy of ESIC (ICEMD), becomes a differentiating factor of the School because “it brings digital innovation to our programs”, highlights Antonio Martín Herreros, Dean of the Postgraduate Area. Digital Business, Big Data or e-commerce become some of the most demanded postgraduate programs among students, who seek to differentiate themselves in a global labor market.

It is increasingly clear that whoever does not have a technological background will have difficulty finding a job, or maintaining it. That is why, in the classrooms, students are taught to use digital tools of analysis, design or control that companies nowadays use, with real cases that allow them to learn to function in the most diverse scenarios.

In addition, digital technology is allowing a better adaptation to the training process, leaving behind the model ‘one teacher – one group of students’. Young people look for programs to their measures, with fewer classroom hours, more flexibility that allows them to be trained at the time, place and format that best suits them.

For ESIC, active listening has always been very important, as well as proactivity and anticipation of the environment, taking advantage of the technology available at all times. In that sense, ESIC Tech has just launched an advanced learning space for aspects such as robotics, virtual and augmented reality or the internet of things, which will be basic work tools for the now students. All this, without forgetting the importance of personal skills, essential to develop personally in complex, global, highly competitive and highly changing environments.


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