Top 5 Zombie Movies To watch, If You’re A ‘Die’ Hard Fan Of Blood And Brains

Zombie Movies
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It’s International Zombie Awareness Month, y’all. That means besides being a useful holiday, it also means we have to revisit some of our best zombie movies ever.

If you’re a die-hard fan of blood, guts, and brains, this list is for you. In fact, this entire day is for you. So grab a bucket of popcorn and your favorite ghoul mask, cause it’s about to get deathly in here.

The Resident Evil Series

Zombie Movies
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You can’t really be into zombies if you haven’t seen this beauty of a movie. A deadly virus escapes from a sinister lab and people die and come back as flesh-eating, scary zombies. Alice is the key and she’s badass with her fighting skills. The thrill of the series gets more and more intense as the game-turned-movies invest you into its reality.


Zombie Movies
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This horror-comedy casts Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, and Emma Stone in a hilarious yet terrifying movie that had initially started as a TV Show but turned into a movie with a lot of story building. The desire for a Twinkie and the familial feeling keeps the group together during the end of the world.

Train to Busan

Zombie Movies
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This South Korean zombie flick represents itself more like an action movie than a zombie film. These zombies aren’t the moaning, slow walker types that look at you with soulless eyes. These can sprint and jump, keeping you at the edge of the seat. The best part of this movie? It’s taking place on a train that turns its passengers against each other in the middle of a zombie uprising.

World War Z

Zombie Movies
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A normal day for a family turns into a nightmare as a virus slowly spreads across the world. The family tries to survive when Jerry (Brad Pitt), an ex-UN investigator is called upon by the government to find the source and the cure for this outbreak.  A nail-biting experience, this movie hits the sweet and bloody spot for a thrilling experience.

I am Legend

Zombie Movies
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Staring the brilliant Will Smith, I am Legend is an apocalyptic yet lonely movie of a scientist and his dog living alone in a city, trying to find a cure for their ravaged World. Living in a barricaded house that is protected by steel doors, you can feel the comfort of the character, ‘Robert Neville’ that is soon snatched by an unfortunate circumstance. It’s the perfect cherry on top of your Zombie Day. Enjoy your day! But, try not to get carried away.


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