Enjoy the Benefits of Oracle DBA certifications

Oracle DBA Certification

Are you someone who wants to get Oracle DBA certification but does not know where to start? We have all been there. There are numerous certifications that are provided by Oracle that it is easy to get confused. In this article, we have listed all the major certifications by Oracle that you can get. We have also explained some of their benefits and what will you get from obtaining these certifications after clearing the certification exams.

Types of Oracle DBA certifications

There are five categories on the basis of which Oracle Database certifications are in five different levels and each of these has their own features. The certifications are designed for the candidates with different skills. Each of these levels has their own certifications that can lead you to become Oracle DBA. Let us know more about these certifications and their types.

Oracle Database Certified Associates

The first level is the associate level where you can get Oracle Database Certified Associate certifications that going to help you in getting entry level jobs in the companies. These certifications require foundation skills and the knowledge of implementing those skills so that the company can benefit from hiring you as an associate. This is the first step in moving towards your certification path and becoming DBA Certified.

The certifications involved in the OCA Level are as follows:

  1. Oracle Database 11g Administrator Certified Associate
  2. Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified Associate

Oracle Database Certified Professionals

Oracle Database Certified Professionals is one step ahead and is professional level certifications. This is given to the professionals who have an in depth knowledge of the database features, tasks and functions. The certifications are required for the database administrators that sit at various posts in the organizations. There are two certifications that the professional can apply for.

These certifications of the OCP Level are as follows:

a)      Oracle Database 11g Administrator Certified Professional

b)      Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified Professional

 Oracle Database Certified Experts

The OCE or Oracle Database Certified Experts is an expert level certification. With this the candidates with a broader skill set will be able to get certified for their skills and knowledge. These certifications are for the people who are more towards the technical field and deal with the technical aspects of the database. The candidates are supposed to have both practical as well as theoretical knowledge of all the functions and features of Database and only then will they be able to pass the exams. There are three major certifications that come under this level.

The certifications that are included in OCE Level are as follows:

a)      Oracle Certified Expert, Oracle Real Application Clusters 11g and Grid Infrastructure Administrator

b)      Oracle Database 11g Performance Tuning Certified Expert

c)      Oracle Certified Expert, Oracle Database 12c: Performance Management and Tuning

Oracle Database Certified Masters

The masters level certifications are for the candidates who have experience as well as expertise in the field. This is the highest level of certification that is given out by Oracle. This is a proof for the advanced skills and knowledge of the candidates regarding Oracle Database. The people with the OCM certifications are suitable for handling some of the most complicated and difficult tasks in the company.  There is only one Master certification that comes under Oracle Database Administrator certifications.

It is Oracle Database 11g Administrator Certified Master and this certificate is for the people who have in depth knowledge of database functions, features and tasks.


Oracle Database Certified Specialists

The fifth kind of certifications is Oracle Database Certified Specialists. This is for the candidates who want to specialize in one field of Oracle Database. The candidates who are more interested in the implementation of Oracle Database are more drawn towards this certification. There are as many as seven specialist certifications and they are as follows:

a)      Oracle Real Application Clusters 12c Certified Implementation Specialist

b)      Oracle Data Warehousing 11g Certified Implementation Specialist

c)      Oracle Database 11g Certified Implementation Specialist

d)      Oracle Database 11g Security Certified Implementation Specialist

e)      Oracle Real Application Clusters 11g Certified Implementation Specialist

f)       Oracle Database 12c Certified Implementation Specialist

g)      Oracle Database Performance and Tuning 2015 Certified Implementation


The Advantages You Will Enjoy!

Once you have earned your DBA certifications, you will enjoy a lot of benefits that come along with almost all Oracle certifications. We have mentioned some of the major advantages below:

Enhanced Confidence

With Oracle certification in your hand, you will feel more confident about yourself. You will be able to realize that your skills have been certified and now you can apply for any job and can confidently showcase your knowledge. This confidence will help you in doing better at your interviews and your jobs. These certifications are a good confidence booster and make your resume stronger.

Better Career Advantages

The career advantages of Oracle DBA certifications are much more. Over 500 companies and their subsidiaries use Oracle software and if you have Oracle certifications, you will be able to get more career opportunities. More job opportunities mean that you can showcase your skills at many levels which are very important for the IT Professionals for career growth.

Bigger Salary

One of the major advantages of the PrepAway Oracle Certfication Dumps is that it helps you in moving from small paying jobs to high paying jobs. The candidates can easily bag a bigger salary and can also get promoted. It is seen that the people that have the certifications are always paid more than the ones without it. They are also cherished by the companies and given more importance.

Increased Skills

One of the major advantages that will help the candidates in their lives is that their skills increase considerably after the certificate training. These candidates have more skills that can bring profits to the companies they are working for.

Better Projects to Work On

Since the employers will have trust in your skills based on your certifications, you will get the opportunity to work on much bigger projects and be part of the important teams in your office or organization.

All in all, Oracle DBA certifications are some of the most important certifications that you can have if you want to be a data administrator. You can study well for the exams and clear them so that you are certified at the earliest.


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