Editor’s Note – February 2016


Love one another but make not a bond of love, let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your soul – Khalil Gibran

Such powerful and resounding words have been spoken about love over the centuries. Monuments have been built, wars have been waged, countries have been torn apart. It is something that has possessed us all from the time we were children in the arms of our doting parents till our last dying breath where our near and dear ones despair in the last hours of separation. We have all known the great feeling of being in love and the pangs of missing a loved one.
One of my great loves is travel and my wishlist is to see all the countries around the world. A holiday has always made me feel like a new person in some ways. Having returned from the Paris of Latin America – Buenos Aires, a country where people love the good life. They have invented the sexy Tango dance, which is the ultimate expression of love.
There are all kinds of love like the one for family, friends, partner, pets, objects and a lot more. Sometimes, we tend to make ourselves and others miserable when we bargain, manipulate or control in a relationship. As they say, love with all you have and do not expect anything in return. So in this celebrated Valentine month, we bring you some unique love bonds for our cover story, Love, Actually (page 42) from the beautiful people who have shared their lives and bared their souls for you.

Keeping up with the Valentine’s spirit, we gorge into what it takes for a relationship to last a lifetime; a phenomenon which is pretty rare these days. High School Sweethearts takes us on the journey of practicality vs emotions and which overpowers the other in today’s time. A little light on the heart is our listicle on Bizarre Valentine’s Day Traditions across the globe which will certainly make you laugh out loud. – Nitish Shah















Volume 5 Issue 8


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