Editor’s Note – December 2015


From sports cars to hybrids, convertibles to vintage, there are hundreds of wheels on our roads today. Every brand tries to up each other and themselves every couple of months and their creation is what we have a chance to ride or gorge at every once in a while. We bring you our issue on Automobiles, a career in the various automotive fields, be it product design or engineering, the latest details on all that you need to know about what’s riding our roads. All of this coupled with interviews of some of the most experienced people involved in the various dynamics that bring together the vehicles that make our life so much easier.

With a rise in the variety of careers that flood our youth today, it gets difficult picking out one that would best suit you. Combining what you’ve studied and what you love doing, the choices that we’re left with are pretty slim. How then do we single out one career for ourselves? Take a look at some of the workplace hacks we offer in Get It Right. Speaking of making the job scenario easier, we bring you some scoop on the LinkedIn Placement initiative in India and what’s expected of it.

Getting into the festive groove, we look back at some of the good and not so good, yet unforgettable happenings of 2015 in #Recap 2015. With the coming year, there’s a few routines you could break and rekindle the love with your partner by incorporating some of the ABCs of Dating.

We at Youth Incorporated wish you Feliz Navidad !


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