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Reader of the year -Chirag Somani
When one hears the word ‘youth’, the first thing that comes to mind is the next generation. ‘Youth Incorporated’ is a magazine that guides the youth of India to not only lead a successful life but also remind them of how beautiful this life is. It inspires us; it encourages us and it brings together the youth of today. I feel really excited to receive my copy and am truly grateful for a guide like this. It might take a few pages to list everything that I like about Youth Incorporated! However, what I really love is the simplicity of combining education with entertainment. It teaches but without being a teacher, it scolds but it does not hurt (sic), and finally, it gives us examples of successful youth without making readers feel like they are being compared to these young people. It is like a best friend who knows exactly what you want. It shows us the way whether it may be changing paths or developing new hobbies. All the best!

Sexy Aunties of the Metros
The term ‘sexy aunties’ refers to women, especially married women, who try their best to feel like they are teenagers all over again. This could include showing their curves and hinting with their eyes to get the boy-next-door in their bedroom. It doesn’t matter if the boy might be the same age as her daughter; in fact, this is what the sexy aunties want! They try to reduce their age by five or ten years. They try to get the attention of college guys through their immature catwalk and use the most taboo words possible with the aim of being hip. The existence of such sexy aunties is due to one reason– they have not lived their life to the fullest. Humans have a tendency to take care of any form of incomplete satisfactions, whatever the time may be! It’s the sexy aunties who personify this very human trait in their hunt for younger men. It’s not an unusual scenario that a number of younger men fall for them. The reason? The sexy aunties of the metros are experienced players who use their eyes to do all the talking!
Chirag Somani – Student, Kolkata

DJ Dilmmas
When I was in my teens, I became obsessed with music. With growing responsibilities and the pressure of biding my time well and keeping up with my studies, all I could think of was to make a compilation of the music I loved and create new beats. This involved playing around with software and the likes. But when I actually started DJing, it wasn’t easy because of many reasons. I had to keep up with the latest music and the software and technology. Although, learning on a console was easy as I was guided by good DJs around the city. Of course, it takes time to play like the best DJs around the world. But then again, if you love music, anything is possible! Thanks for the article on a career in DJing as the youth of today can actually get a lot of help by reading it.
Johann D’sa – DJ, Bangalore

Thrill of a Lifetime
Last year, I went to Himachal Pradesh and during my stay in Manali, we heard of white-water rafting on the River Beas. The next day itself we went to Kullu and enjoyed the most thrilling experience ever! Strangely, I did not find Kullu among the places mentioned in the article ‘Riding the Rapids’. River rafting here is quite a challenge as the water comes straight from the cold Rohtang Pass ranges. You also get to see the pretty farms and the locals at work. After 7 kms you can actually witness two rivers meeting where the rapids go higher and that’s when you get totally wet! In the last few kilometres, the rapids appear to be faster and make your ride bumpy and as exciting as ever, while the last phase also offers you a glimpse of the small Kullu airport. This activity became my favourite when the instructors asked us to come to the edge of the boat and face the water. Not knowing what was in store for us, we did just that and when the boat passed through rapids our faces went under the freezing cold water and we all ended up shouting our hearts out! I really thought I should share this with other readers!
Aakash Shah – Student, Mumbai

Volume 2 Issue 1


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