DU’s Syllabus Is Keeping Up With The Times!


Delhi University is known for its cut throat competitive entrance policies and sky rocketing cut offs in order to be able to get admitted in. While Delhi University does boast of some of the most prominent and prestigious colleges of the country, getting into one of those sadly remains a dream for many.

After recently being in the news for major political issues, it’s now in the news again, this time due to major academic revamps. The English Literature Department of DU is all set to bring in some major changes in its syllabus. The two major changes set to be implemented soon is the inclusion of the skills of writing a proper Facebook post and the introduction of new novels.

The university feels that it’s important for students to know how to write a decent Facebook post. This doesn’t include one click procedures such as checking in at some place. The colleges have been given time till May 1 to send a feedback for the same.

Christel R Devadawson, head of the English department, said changes could be made after receiving feedback in an interview. “Skill enhancement courses in general are meant to take the emphasis from just literary centric teaching to broad-based, every day, contemporary concerns,” she said. Some teachers had concerns about the structure of SEC and those “will be addressed based on the feedback we receive”, she added.

Chetan Bhagat’s ‘Five Point Someone’ too is soon to become a part of the Literature syllabus along with American novelist and poet Louisa M Alcott, English crime novelist Agatha Christie and British novelist JK Rowling.

“There is some sense to add these novels as students might have read them already and have seen movie adaptations. It gives an opportunity to do an informed critique of the text,” said Sanam Khanna, who teaches English at DU.

The feedbacks are yet awaited and only the implementation would answer if the decision was a good one or not. But its good to know that finally the Indian Universities are trying to keep up with the times.


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