Tips that will help you to add Digital Marketing skills to your Résumé

digital marketing

In an era of constant innovation, evolving platforms, and cutting-edge strategies, it is safe to say that digital marketing has the unique luxury of endurance in the job market. If you’re looking for a new career path that’s not in danger of becoming obsolete then digital marketing is the answer! We narrow down indispensable tips that will help you to add digital marketing skills to your résumé.

Know your ADDRESSEE:

Synonymous to starting an online marketing campaign wherein we first decide who we will be reaching out to, even while you write your résumé, this rule needs to be implied. Doing that makes the other decisions much easier. If you know who will be reading it, shaping it is not all that difficult. To go ahead with this, you need to ponder over the type of company you want to work for. The same might be an agency with a gigantic digital marketing team or just a small company who’s idea is to use the power of social media to grow. Once you have pictured the ideal company in your head, you can judiciously target your résumé. You’ll be able to figure out which skills or traits to highlight, words to be used and which parts of your background will be of interest to your reader.

Visualize and strategise:

You won’t think of creating a banner ad or a social media campaign without a clear strategy in mind and the same applies to your résumé. Recruiters won’t respond to your résumé if it doesn’t resonate with them, and the way to make this happen is to strategize your message just as you would with an online promotion. Think about the best structure for your résumé in order to highlight your value proposition apart from keywords your employers will be looking out for. Giving real-world examples of your value proposition will be the icing on the cake. Ask yourself what makes you stand out from others? Define your unique blend of skills and experiences that will make you an asset for the company. Think over your social media successes and ideas you have developed which will be very convincing to the recruiter.

Chalk out a design to reinforce your message:

This decision should be made before you start writing and it is needless to say that this too should be made by keeping your target group in mind. Decide on the design element which will help you best in putting across the message. Keeping this in mind will ensure that once the recruiter reads yours résumé, it will immediately strike a chord and convince him.

Quantifying your digital marketing results:

Keep in mind that you are in a profession where everything can be measured, analyzed and estimated. Make use of this to tell your story effectively. However, avoid lots of rounded numbers, even if they are true.

Use your proficiency at the very best and also your persuasion skills to the optimum. You need to be able to persuade your recruiter that you are convincing enough to sell off almost anything. It is your ability to put this through that will help you achieve your target.

Please note that most employers now use applicant tracking systems to screen out candidates before the résumé is even seen by a person. This is done by using keyword scans. You upload your résumé, it is then scanned for relevant keywords (this is programmed in advance by the recruiter) and this determines your success. If you happen to pass, your résumé goes to a recruiter for review. If you not, no one ever sees it. That makes it incredibly important to ensure whether you have included all the right keywords. To do this, make a note of every digital marketing skill you have – every social media site you know how to use, every analytics or CRM system you know, every software program or SAAS system you use, don’t let anything go! Also create a section on your resume called ‘technical skills’ or ‘digital marketing skills’ and include them all.

Other things to keep in mind

– Write in active and NOT passive voice

– Spell out uncommon acronyms and abbreviations

– Leave out slang words and casual talk

– Don’t use old-fashioned terms which have no relevance

– Sell, don’t tell

– Make sure your words play well together

– Eliminate clutter

The potential of digital marketing

Digital marketing is for sure flexing its muscles and with digital being the new medium of engagement and communication with customers, companies are make it a point to increase their efforts on digital channels. As technology continues to merge into people’s lives, the potential for digital marketing for sure seems limitless. People in the business acknowledge this and know best the potential of digital marketing as a career. Powerful digital marketing can gather great business and more and more people are using this medium for branding their companies and reaching their target group.
Another reason why recruiters eye digital marketers for their companies is that it helps gather rich mobile data to gain insight into consumer behaviours and how they can shape online conversations. “There is an increased requirement of marketers to have the requisite digital skills to target, capture and service these customers. With the increase in the number of internet and smart phone users in India, the online medium will continue to gain momentum for first time and seasoned property purchasers,” says Shubika Bilkha, Business Head at The Real Estate Management Institute (REMI).


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