Decoding Education 4.0 For A Successful Education System In India

education 4.0
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Right from ancient times, education has always held prominence in India. Through the years, the learning-teaching methods have kept changing. However, there are many loopholes in our Indian education system. To rectify these loopholes, technology has presented itself as a solution. Today, realising that technology has seeped into every aspect of life, higher education institutes are making efforts to make the most of out it in order to arm students with all the necessary skills and knowledge required to function in the current modern world. 

Education 4.0 is one of the major parts of this effort. Let us try to understand in depth about Education 4.0 (a term not many aware of), by Mr.Siddharth Maheshwari, director, Amity Future Academy.

Could you tell our readers, what exactly is Education 4.0? 

Education 4.0 has a deep focus towards a sustainable, global collaborative approach in sync with Industry 4.0. Disruptive technologies with immersive experience will change the way we live and learn in the future. Growth of technological stewardship will encourage learners to acquire essential skills like adaptability, learnability, and agility towards change. New-age learning will embody values such as collaboration, inclusivity, and responsibility compelling old institutions and learning organization to undergo innovative changes. Learning design will play a key role in redefining the learning spaces, experience, and overall learning behavior. 

How does Education 4.0 benefit the students? 

The world is changing at an exponential rate with the usher of Industry 4.0. Artificial intelligence, Robotics, Big data and Internet of things are combining together thus making an impact on our jobs and industry.

We have emerged from the times when education that once focused on one-to-many is now gradually transforming its way of delivery by providing various broad learning opportunities to students. Artificial Intelligence is changing the way students are assessed, which is an ongoing process now rather an end of state tests. Which using Machine learning is on the go tweaking the curriculum to make it more robust saving students time. Digital experiential learning and micro-credentials is making its way ranging from online degrees and coding bootcamps, to technology certificates, digital badges and nanodegrees.

Internet of Things (IoT) is influencing education by helping institutions making informed decisions and able to make interventions through logic, metrics rather human intuition. Education now largely emphasizes on “the way it is taught” by aligning with future trends thus making the current generation- Leaders and Learners of Tomorrow. 

Education 4.0
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Is India ready to bring about Education 4.0?

With the advent of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) in education, scalability and personalization of teaching-learning have become easy to achieve. Nowadays, Universities can reach yet unreached through digital platforms and hence scale up their assistance to the students. Also, the contents can be curated as per the level of learners in these platforms which give a touch of personalized or tailored learning experience to them.

In the present knowledge economy, India cannot withstand to compromise either on personalization or on scalability. By using technology as an intelligent tool, learning can be supported on an individual basis with the growing scale of usage. These days, the majority of the learning contents can be digitized and shared over learning platforms which can be accessed on any smart devices around the globe. Research also says the “New Millennium” learners are highly tech-friendly and are ready to consume online learning. Presently, Amity and other higher education institutions are overcoming these challenges by leveraging the online tools and are also digitizing the study material for portable delivery of knowledge to every corner of the world.

If the education sector channels the efforts in the correct direction, India won’t be too long from development in the education system. 


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