Da Vinci Code: A Murder Mystery Case By SRM

Da vinci code

How does the idea of solving a murder mystery and bringing closure to a case sound? If that gets you excited, GCC at SRM presents to you Da Vinci Code – a murder mystery case exclusively for the coding enthusiasts out there, scheduled on the 10th of July 2021.

Your journey starts off with a report containing the summary of the case, and relations of characters in the case to the victim. You, the Detective, will then be directed through different rooms of the mystery house. Before entering each room, you have to solve a question which reveals a password that acts as a key to the room. On entering the rooms, the detective will come across the different characters. The names of the characters will be revealed on solving a programming/aptitude-based question. As you get through the rooms, different parts of the story are brought to light along with different characters who have various other pieces to solve the puzzle. It is upto you to put two and two together and expose the Murderer, with proper proof.

We have over 30 sponsors backing us up and have prizes that are to kill for, ranging from cash prizes of Rs. 1000 for 1st place, Rs. 500 for 2nd place and plenty of discount coupons paired with them too! Also, tons of goodies and certificates to all the participants. 

Jake Peralta’s gonna have tough competition.


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