Cricket and Youth: Why Young People Find Cricket Games Riveting

cricket and youth
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The game of cricket has existed for many years, starting back in the 18th century. Since then, it has undergone certain changes, but its essence remained the same and just as before, people love participating and trying to earn the victory for their team. In recent years, a particular surge among young participants has been witnessed.  More and more young men and women take up cricket, and there are various reasons for it, including social, psychological, as well as health-related ones.

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Rules of a Simple Cricket Game That the Beginners Should Know

At first, cricket rules might resemble those practised in baseball, but the truth is, only beginners make such mistakes. While there are some similarities, they are superficial and they’re mostly revealed in the fact that both cricket and baseball are a bat-and-a-ball type of games. If you’d like to know more about cricket, visit the website dedicated to its latest news, scores, and general info. Many people who are initially sceptical about this game end up falling in love with it as they learn more about what it entails. Basic rules are simple.

  • There is a field and wickets on both ends.
  • Two main opposing sides can be distinguished, bowling/fielding and batting ones. The latter tries to hit the wicket with their bats while the former attempts to prevent it from happening.
  • A failure of a bowling player results in his or her dismissal.
  • After ten batting-side players are dismissed, both teams switch their places.

Social Reasons Why Youth Choose Cricket

Social goal is one of the reasons that stimulate modern youth to become a part of the cricket family. Cricket is a team game, meaning that children and teens have to learn how to communicate with each other, something they aren’t used to doing yet. Solid friendships are formed in this process and many social anxieties are soothed because, during the game, players must interact regardless of their fear and attitude. Because of this, they become more confident in their communication skills and they learn how to be a part of a group, which is useful in all life settings.

Plenty of games involve team play, though. What makes cricket special is that its modern version is built on the principle of diversity. One team can compose different ages and genders. Most of them have both male and female players, which forces these two different worlds to interact and learn how to overcome conflicts. It’s a great social boost that lots of young folks choose deliberately, especially now, when social anxieties are on the rise and require effective solutions.

Psychological Reasons

There is a very common and the simplest reason explaining the interest in cricket: children along with teens pick it because they want to. Personal motivations can differ, of course. Some people experience mere curiosity because they have seen these games on TV or at a local school and become intrigued. Others have been long-time fans of some cricket teams and wish to echo their experience.

Finally, there are those attracted to some specific aspects of cricket and want to become a part of it. Young teens might also choose it just because they like it better than any other kinds of sport. This reasoning is powerful and it has pushed many diverse players into cricket.  

Health-Related Reasons

Health concerns are an urgent problem that worries many young people. They want to be healthy and stay in shape, so they take up different kinds of sports more frequently than they used to do in the past. Cricket has become a common choice because of all the health benefits it offers.

  • Overall physical fitness. Cricket players have to do lots of actions during the games. Throwing and batting a ball across the long-distance requires physical strength that’s developed in training prior to matches. Running or sprinting to damage the aim of the opposing team and stop the ball is also good for health. It helps develop correct breathing and strengthen muscles, which is essential for youth.
  • Endurance. To cope with the aforementioned activities, a player must possess good stamina. Young people can improve and solidify theirs regardless of their previous condition. Even if they were weak and untrained, due to peculiarities of their age, they can still improve their endurance. 
  • Eyesight. Since youth spend so much time in front of their laptops or staring at the screens of their phones, the problem of flawed eyesight is a prevalent concern right now. Cricket helps maintain good eyesight due to game dynamics.
cricket and youth
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While cricket is considered an old game with a long history, its popularity doesn’t decrease. On the contrary, its fan club keeps growing, and young men and women present a big and active part of it. The aforementioned reasons motivate them, which explains such intense interest. 


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