The ‘Vidaai’ Scene


Crying is an Art! It’s been proved today. Vidaai happens to be the most important bit in an Indian wedding. With elaborate wedding rituals, Vidaai (also known as Bidaai) is a ritual of bride bidding farewell to her family and leaving of her maternal home. On one hand, there is the joy of new knots being tied; on the other hand, there is a sweet sorrow of a woman leaving her parent’s home. This moment is brimming with overwhelming emotions. Literally translating to the phrase ‘Goodbye,’ Vidaai is one of the most sentimental outbursts of any wedding across the world.

To make it look all serious, honest, and authentic, a lady from Bhopal has actually started an institute where all the brides-to-be and her relatives are taught how to cry on their Vidaai. It is a 7-day course. This takes Wedding Planning to another level.

‘What an idea!’ (Note the sarcasm please!)

As ridiculous as it sounds, Radhika Rahi, the brain behind this idea, is very serious about it. The crash course will apparently teach all the would-be brides the art of crying during their Vidaai ceremony. This AMAZING idea struck her when she was attending a wedding.

She was quoted as saying:

“The bride wasn’t able to cry, but when she was insisted a little, she started crying so vehemently. It was a lot of overacting, and the scene was very funny to watch. Almost everyone present there had trouble controlling their laughter!”

“Not just brides, but also their families and friends can enroll for this crash course and learn how to cry at weddings!”

She says her main motto behind starting it is to prevent sensitive and emotionally important events like ‘Vidaai’ from turning into something funny.

No one knows what this hilarious venture turns into. All we have to do is wait. Until then, if you know a bride-to-be who can’t cry, you know what to do.


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